A Metallic Skirt for Any Occasion

While I love a good basic thermal and a pair of jeans, I am really trying to incorporate pops of color and texture into my wardrobe.

I recently slipped on this pleaded metallic skirt and felt like a million bucks.

I love how versatile it is. I could comfortably wear this to a bridal shower or dress it down as I did in these pictures for a fun mid-mod inspired outing (aka. a lunch date with friends!). 

Keep scrolling for outfit details plus a little round-up that I did of some other pleated skirts that I have been eyeing. 

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Master Bedroom Tour

We shoot in the master bedroom so often and it dawned on me that I have never done a full tour.

Our room isn't super big, but it has plenty of character complete with unique ledges and an on-suite bathroom.

We kept this room as simple as possible, filling the space with timeless pieces that we hope to have for forever. We wanted our room to feel inviting and minimal. I love how it came together and am excited to be sharing it with you. 

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Valentine's Day Wish List For Him + Her

Love is in the air! I am such a sap for anything romance related so I thought I would round up a few items that Perry and I have been eyeing lately. We are spending Valentine's Day in Arizona, and we can't wait to escape the cold. Almost every year Perry and a handful of high school friends, together with wives and children (every year another child or 2), have gathered together to reunite and be silly. This great get together has traditionally fallen on President's Day weekend, and since we're adding on extra days this year, we will also get to spend Valentine's Day with family! We can't wait to slip into our swimsuits and hit up the heated pools and hot tubs.

Happy almost Valentine's Day, everyone!

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Trying for Baby 2: Reframing the Waiting Game

Another month passes, and as I get closer and closer to the nine-month mark of trying for baby #2, I can't help but imagine what it would be like to be almost due and nearly 40 weeks pregnant. We have now been trying as long as it would have taken to carry a baby to term. 

I spend so many moments imagining my sweet Winter no longer being my only child and at the same time, being fully present. I fear if I spend too much time daydreaming about the future that may or may not be, I am inadvertently wishing her to grow up a little quicker than fate intends, and God knows that I don't want to do that. 

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Craving Spring with Kroma Phone Cases

Although we have had a mild winter in Colorado so far, there have been a few stretches of days where we haven't seen the sun and it's been too cold to go outside.

Right around the time that February makes its way onto the front page of our calendar, I notice myself forward thinking about and craving spring; and instead of resisting it, I let the excitement set in as we start to plan out our backyard garden.

The first step in the process is to always visit our favorite greenhouse to talk to the employees and owner about design plans and soak in the beautiful sights of greenery.

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Sweet Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids

Happy February, everyone! I can't stop thinking about how I felt in February three years ago as it was the month that we found out that we were pregnant with Winter. It's such a unique memory for us. 

I have always loved to celebrate love, and while I don't always get caught up in the commercialism of Valentine's Day, I really love any excuse to decorate with hearts and do things with my family that is all things LOVE related. 

Winter is getting to the age where she is enjoying arts and crafts and helping me when I create fun things.  Below is a little round-up of the Valentine's Day crafts that we intend to try together as a family.

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Morning Meditations in Motherhood

There is a new technique that I have been trying in the mornings with Winter that I wanted to share with you. It's called 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and it's as simple as the name!

Sometime during the day take two minutes to tap into all five senses and observe what is going on around you. I find the most simple moments for this meditation technique is when I am getting my daughter ready for the day, heating up my morning coffee or when I am doing the laundry. Here's how it works:

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Weekend Links: Dos

Well, due to the recent events that took place with our little one (you can read it about it, here), I am way behind on the blog, including Weekend Links. 

Remember that in these Weekend Links posts, there will always be a 'Question of the Week'.  If you respond to it in the comments below, you will be in the running to win something from me that I will mail to you as a token of my appreciation for reading the blog. Last week, I sent everyone who commented and gave me their address a small package :)

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Top 7 Apps/Services to Help You Organize Your Life

I don't know if you're like me, but I tend to get so overwhelmed with clutter. There is so much clutter in my house, on my phone and in my mind. Clutter just seems to be the one thing that I can't seem to tackle. This isn't good because I notice that when my external space is less organized, the less regulated I feel on the inside. 

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Play Kitchen Essentials

Winter is really starting to get into pretend play. We spend hours "making" pancakes and sandwiches and feeding our furry friends such as all of her stuffed animals and our dog.

I searched high and low for the best products out there to complete her kitchen set, and I wanted to share them all with you. I love that she can cook alongside us while we make dinner. I hope you all enjoy these products as much as we do. Not only is playing kitchen great for a child's imagination, but it also helps to develop strong eye-hand coordination and fine-motor skills! 

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Weekend Links: Uno

Every Friday I will be compiling a list of things that I am loving from interesting mindfulness or parenting articles, fashion and home decor inspiration, songs or movies to watch, toys that Winter is currently enjoying and more.

I really enjoy connecting and learning more about you, so each week I will also choose someone who leaves a comment to the 'Question of the Week' and send them a small gift as a token of my appreciation!

So let's begin!

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Behind the Scenes of our Meditation Video

A few weeks ago we were honored to be asked to create a video for one of my favorite apps called Calm. Calm is a mindfulness and meditation app that has several guided sessions to help you live a more mindful, present life. I had received a few questions about the video shoot so I thought I would take you all behind the scenes and answer some of those questions.

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Intentions Not Resolutions & The Social Media Trap

There has been quite a lot of talk surrounding New Year's resolutions. Last year, I wrote about how my only resolution was to manage my difficult feelings in a healthier way (here). This year, I want to continue this path of emotional growth and management but do it in a way that is more compatible with what I need right now, which is kindness. 

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