How to Cultivate Self-Love in 7 Days

mini CHallenge


A little bit about what INspired me to create this mini challenge:

I came across this quote in an article written by Jesse Graham. She states, "So give up. Give in. Swim out until you can’t see land, and then drop down deep to where there is nothing you’ve ever known". I feel as if the universe was pulling me towards this quote because the day that I read it, I was feeling particularly anxious.

Once Winter was in bed, my initial thought was to take a nap. So I laid down, realized that my body wasn't actually tired and that my true motive for laying down was to pass the time and hope that when I woke up, the anxiety would be gone. I laid there and read for about 15 minutes before I decided to change my tune. I got up, I did 20 minutes of yoga (thank you, Adriene for making these free yoga videos on YouTube), poured myself a warm cup of chamomile tea and wrote down all the things that I have been kicking ass at, 22 of them to be exact. 

The thought dawned on me, why am I spending more time worrying about what I am NOT doing and spending less time on cultivating self-love? In the comparison world in which we live in,  coupled with the fear of missing out mentality, it is especially important to dive deep down within ourselves to discover what's really in there.

No one else can do this for you. Not your significant other, not your child, not your best friends. You are the ONLY one who can journey into the uncharted waters of your soul. You are the ONLY one that can do it ever so perfectly because it's your OCEAN, your WAVES, your TIDE, your JOURNEY. 

I invite you to embody and cultivate self-love by participating in the mini challenge . So join me and let's do it together.

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