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5 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season 2017

We want to teach Winter that Kindness is infinite and oh so important. A few weeks ago, Winter and I had the opportunity to participate in a campaign called the #DoGoodWeek. We bought four dozen roses and gave them out to strangers to people walking in the park, coming out of a nursing home and at a local school. At first, WInter was so shy and wanted me to hold her while we passed out the photos, but within 10 minutes of being at our first location, the park, she was so excited and willing to hand them out. She would say, "here" or "more" while smiling and handing them out to people. I found myself stepping back a bit and just watching her interact. The joy I felt that day was indescribable and I want to keep the momentum going and do some more selfless acts for others.

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