Winter At Home

"Let's pretend that others don't exist and stay like this forever."

Hi everyone and welcome to our first blog post. For this post I wanted to time travel to when Winter was still a darling little, floppy-headed newborn. Thank you for reading and learning a little bit more about our family.

Our newborn pictures were taken at our house when Winter was three-weeks-old. My in-laws were staying with us so we moved our bed into the nursery, giving them the master since we only have two rooms in our house (it's funny how someone who was only seven pounds got their own room, wink!). Our good friend, Joni, came over on a cold, brisk Saturday and spent the morning with us as we cuddled our sweet Winter in bed.  

I cannot wait to show these pictures to her one day. I will never forget how I felt holding her while looking at the snowy scene just outside the window. It was as if we were all in a tiny snow globe together keeping each other warm while being mesmerized by the beauty all around us. I had never felt more content, more at peace than I was in that moment with her. She had made me a mother and the following words kept dancing in my head, "You're so cool, Winter. So delicate. So perfect. I am yours and you are mine. I am because you are. I am your mother."

We kept the heat cranked up so she would not get cold and it was so hard to keep her awake for this shoot. She kept dozing off, which we didn't mind because holding her while she slept had quickly become our favorite pastime.

When we first brought Winter home, she would not sleep anywhere else but on our chests. I was petrified to fall asleep with her at night, afraid that if I slept, she would roll off of me onto the bed. Perry was my savior those first few nights. He would calmly take her from me, kiss me on the forehead and hold her on his chest while I got a few a hours of sleep under my belt. He never once faltered or showed signs of insecurity about this incredible new responsibility placed on him. His confidence quickly rubbed off on me and for the first three weeks of Winter's life, she continued to sleep in her favorite spot (which happened to be right on top of our hearts).

I made a floral crown out of a simple strand of eucalyptus. She looked so darling in it and I couldn't bare to throw it away. It currently is sitting on top of a mini globe on her bookshelf.

Winter Gates you are a dream. Thank you for picking us to be your mommy and daddy!

Winter's Moccasins c/o Salt and Sand Market

Photography by Joni Schrantz