Halloween: Winter's Last, First Holiday

A few weeks ago, Perry and I harvested the pumpkins that we grew in our previous house that was rented out over the summer (the tenants are amazing and still share the crops with us). When we planted these pumpkin seeds, Winter was a mere five-months-old. We both find so much enjoyment growing her goodies and we were super impressed with how big these pumpkins got this year. Last Halloween, I was three days overdue and so miserable that all the candy in the world didn't cheer me up. I was anxious to find out if we were having a boy or a girl and couldn't wait to meet our baby. Also, I somehow managed to gain 5 pounds during that 41st week---it was clearly Halloween's fault.

Winter was hilarious when we were carving the pumpkins. She kept throwing her treasures (a.k.a, her hair clip, a mini gourd, and a toy car) in the pumpkin and giggling. She wouldn't stop squealing. It was if she talking to these pumpkins. I can't help but get a little sentimental about this Halloween as it's Winter's last, first holiday before her first birthday. Children really do make everything seem and feel so magical and I feel honored to be by her side, to live vicariously through her and to see the magic that is Halloween through her eyes.


Perry and I are die hard Game of Thrones fans so when I found a shirt on Amazon that said, "Winter is here", I had to get it. Our Winter however, did not want to be a dragon for a Halloween. She actually protested the idea with all her might. Every time we would show her the costume, that bottom lip would go out and she would start to crawl as fast as those little legs could take her away from it. I couldn't blame her. It would be super hard to crawl with a two foot tail dragging behind you.

I wanted to also take the time to those who actually read this blog, especially my heart-felt posts. You all are amazing to my family and I and I can't believe that in less than one week, she will turn one!

Photography by Brittany Renee'