Weekends In the Wintertime with Kids

It's that time of year where there is so much going on in the city so it's tempting to fill each and every weekend with parties, appointments, festivities and play dates. I go through moments in my life where the stillness scares me, the quiet is uninviting and the slow vibes start to make me feel uneasy. But having a baby really makes you see these moments with a different lens.

I used to think that I could never be a stay at home Mom. For I feared that I would be too bored or restless. Now I long for that to one day be my reality. I have grown to love the mornings at home. And being able to welcome the quiet chaos of life at home with a child makes me feel brave because it gives me the opportunity to really reflect on what I have been feeling which used to be a bit scary for me. The busier I became the easier it was to run away from that inner voice telling me to slow down. I am very thankful to have these lazy weekends with her.

Does anyone else feel like that?

The list below outlines some of the things that I have been enjoying to do on the cozy weekends at home:

  • MUSIC: We have been listening and dancing to Say You Won't Let Go by James Arthur and Barenaked Ladies God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman
  • BOOKS FOR MOM: One of my favorites is The Language of Flowers. I am also browsing this New Bohemian  book for home inspiration
  • HOME GOODS: I am daydreaming of this emerald couch. Something about that color green!
  • GAMES: Winter and I have been enjoying this hammer game and I really want to get her this cleaning set too by Melissa and Doug toys. She follows me around all the time while I am sweeping the floor
  • PLANTS: This is the perfect plant stand from Ikea. We are really starting to grow quite the collection so it helps to have some stands to put them on
  • SERVICE: And don't forget to learn which flowers to plant to help save the bees with this adorable reusable tote bag.

Winter's legwarmers c/o The Haltered Thread

I hope you are all enjoying the slow season of life this time of year! Merry Christmas everyone!

Photography by Brittany Renee'