A Mother's Promise

I have spent many years thinking about the type of mother I want to be and when I became pregnant, I became more focused on what I would want to teach my child. Recently, I accepted a challenge to make a #MothersPromise to Winter. To collect the thoughts I have had throughout my time on this earth as a woman and now mother, I wrote the following letter in her baby book. I never want to lose sight of this promise I made to her, so I also printed it out and put a copy in the desk drawer at my work. I read it from time to time so that I won't lose focus of the steps outlined in the following letter to keep my promise.

Dear Winter,

I have been so blessed to have found long standing relationships with others who embrace me, love me and inspire me on a daily basis. I want this for you too, sweet one. So, I made a promise on the day before you were born that I would vow to teach you empathy, kindness and understanding of others without having to give too much of yourself. I hope that by teaching you these things you will experience true friendship and amity.

I go back and forth with how deeply I want you to feel. I say that because I have been called an "emotional sponge", one who absorbs others' feelings and energy. It is very much a part of who I am. Yet while it has given me the ability to connect to other humans on a deeper level, it has also taken so much out of me. I used to give and give and give until I had nothing left. This was a dangerous way of living, one that brought me a lot of anxiety and sadness. I continue to have to fight hard to reserve some of my energy and love for myself because I have found that I am no good to anyone when I give it all away.

Your father on the other hand has a more logical mind, one that assesses risk, vulnerability and potential gains. It takes him a while to trust others, but once he does, he is the most loyal, sensitive and faithful friend that I know.

I know that I have no control over your emotional disposition, for that has already been decided for you since before I knew you were even growing in my belly. However, I can model for you how to be an active listener, recognize emotions and feelings of others, and teach you how to express what you feel effectively. I am not perfect at any of these things but I will try my best to live by example.

I want you to learn "how to walk in someone else’s shoes" from a young age. That is why I promise that your father and I will travel with you to different countries, exposing you to various cultures and lifestyles. There is so much space in this world for everyone; yet, our society continues to spread hatred, racism and turns a blind eye at disproportional success. I don't want this cycle to continue with you. I want you to embrace the way that other people live, see their strengths and develop your own views about the world. I want you to feel that one person's kindness can make a difference because I have seen first hand that it truly can.

People say that that the way you already observe others with such focus and intent is something special. I couldn't agree more. I watch you watch the world and I can already see how curious you are. I want to feed that curiosity, ignite your passions and fuel your confidence in yourself and others. I want you to love yourself fully so that you can love everyone else too. I will spend my whole life trying to do these things. I promise you, I will never stop believing in you or your capability to spread kindness to those who are ever so privileged to meet you.

All of my love,                                                                                         

Your Mother

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Romper c/o Rags to Raches; Baby Book c/o Mushy Books; Diaper Bag c/o Newlie

Photography by Brittany Renee'