A New House. A New Perspective.

We sat at this trailhead near our current house just days before we found out that our offer on our new home had been accepted. I've heard the real estate market all over the country is competitive and the Denver metro area is no different. To say that we were shocked that our bid was accepted above the other seven other offers made is an understatement. It definitely took a few days to sink in.

We bought our current home knowing that we would always want to rent it out. Because Perry is handy and works from home, he easily persuaded me that rental properties would be a good investment since he could do a lot of the managing and maintenance on his own. In the two and a half years since buying our starter home, I’ve graduated from my higher degree, we were married, and we went through a pregnancy and met Winter, all while undertaking the fix up of our quaint two bedroom, one bath home.

As I get older, I try my best to not attach an emotional response to material objects. This is no easy feat for me. I tend to be overemotional about a lot of things. The emotional sponge in me wants to soak up and squeeze out every memory that is sparked when I hold an object I acquired on a trip, read an old letter or card, or in this case, stand in my first home for the last time as its tenants.

This home has been really, really good to us.

It was my safe haven during those first few beautiful, terrifying, mesmerizing and overwhelming months with Winter. I don't know how many tears have gone down the shower drain or how many laughs radiate between the walls, but I am certain it is too many to count. I learned how to be a wife in this house, how to fight fairly, to love harder, and within the past year, I learned how to nurse, and rock, and bounce, and soothe and LOVE my baby as a mother. There is no place like home and I will miss this one a lot (even the original 1910 hardwood floors that creak and wake up the baby at least three times a week).

We move in a little less than two weeks. I am so excited to see what life lessons I learn as a woman, a mother, and as a wife in our next house. We will have a little more space for dance parties in our new home, but while I am excited about the extra square footage, in a weird way I’m sad that my family will be father away from each other now. That may sound silly, but the charm of having such a small home is how close you are to everything and everyone. I mean, how will Perry hear me yell from the shower when I forget my towel or can't find my keys? Stay tuned! I’m sure I’ll write about that, not to mention what it's like to be landlords and to live in a house with very little furniture because we put all of our money towards the down payment soon enough.

Photography by Brittany Renee'

Thank you JJ Cole for sending our family this blanket and diaper bag set. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.