For Baby + Mama: 5 Baby Rearing Products I Wish I Had Known About Earlier

There are so many products out there for mom + baby. It can definitely be confusing to know what to buy or use. Perry and I took the approach of trying to buy the least amount of stuff and get to know our daughter's likes and dislikes before we went crazy at the store. However, we all know that hindsight is 20/20, and there are a select few products that we wish we would have known about earlier and plan to save and use when baby number two comes (which is yet to be determined).

  1. DOCKATOT: This pillow is made by a Swedish company and let me tell you, them Sweds got it right. When we brought Winter home from the hospital, she refused to sleep anywhere other than on our chests for the first three weeks of her life, and then, in-between Perry and I in our bed until she was transitioned to her crib at two- months-old. We bought this pillow when Winter was going through her four month sleep regression. While it gave her comfort during her naps and provided a safe comfortable place to play, lounge, and practice tummy time, I wish we knew about it when we were co-sleeping. I think I would have slept better knowing that Winter was safe and snug in this pillow between us compared to the way we did it which was laying her directly on the bed. We've used this pillow while traveling and staying in hotels. It beats lugging around a pack-and-play that's for sure. We will continue to take it with us on the go. Overall, I say this is one to invest in from the get-go. (*I am not an expert on co-sleeping, so I encourage you to do your research to determine if it is the right thing for your family).

2. BINXY BABY: I found this product when Winter was almost too big for it. I wish I had started using it earlier. It's known as the baby hammock and Winter lovedddd laying in it while we went shopping. I mean, look at the smile! I wish someone could push me around in one! It was much easier for me to pop this in my diaper bag compared to carrying in the entire car seat (which she is not a huge fan of unless the car is moving). The company suggests that you use it up until the baby can sit upright unassisted.

3. OAT MAMA: This company specializes in lactation granola bars and granola. Not only are the products delicious but the ingredients they use are geared toward lactation production and support. There were many moments when I was pumping three times a day at work that I was concerned about milk production. I have found that it is a common worry among breastfeeding/pumping mamas. Once I found Oat Mama, I was able to worry less because I knew that the food I was putting in my body was going to be just as good for Winter as it was for me. Oh and you should read their ingredient list on their website; it's pretty witty: "If flaxseed were a contestant on 'The Bachelorette' it would get our final rose."

4. CALM-A-MAMA: The owner of this company that makes these yummy + organic herbal drops, Hannah, reached out to me after she saw a post alluding to my postpartum difficulties on Instagram. Her philosophy is mother (earth) knows best and I couldn't agree more. She sent me the CALM and HAPPY drops. I used them religiously and I must say, I really did feel better. Each time I used the drops, I would remind myself that I was safe and that how I felt was temporary. It was a mantra that I used often. I highly encourage you to check out her products. They are the only company to blend a remedy for the physical and the emotional and I am so proud to say that they just won a grant from Burt's Bees for the up and coming wellness company of the year. They also have products for baby like these teething + tummy drops that I am going to try for Winter. 

Hannah is offering 25% off Calm-a-Mama products with the code: heartmamas

5. 1 Second Every Day App: I was at a BBQ this weekend and this mom showed me this video app that she was using to make a video for her four-week-old daughter. 1 Second Every Day is a video app that allows you to take a one second video each day and then strings them together to create a single, chronological video. I watched her daughter's first month of life and I can only imagine how cool (and very emotional) it will be to watch her entire first year. I wish I had known about this app with Winter. It is really quite a simple yet fascinating idea!

Dockatot photos taken by Brittany Renee'

Thank you Dockatot, Binxy Baby, Oat Mama and Calm-a-Mama who graciously sent me or discounted their products for my family to try. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.