Melting the Stress Away


I have really been struggling with being a working mama this year. I am not exactly sure why it seems to be getting worse but I feel myself clinging onto the moments that I have at home with Winter, counting down the days until summer, and racking my brain with ways that I can become a stay-at-home mother.


I know that being at home isn't without its stressors as well. From the small things like trying to get your crazy toddler to get dressed (as pictured in this series) to the financial burden of living off of one income. Being a mother whether you are working or not is difficult.

Sidenote: The story line you see here is really how it all went down. Winter refused to get dressed. I even tried to bribe her with a yogurt covered raisin and when I held it out she took it from my hand, laughed and then ran away. It was a miracle we got a few shots of her with her dress on. Motherhood can really take you for a spin, can't it?!


Because I struggled with such bad postpartum depression there are still effects that pop up for me today. I am always eager to share with my readers what I do to stay on top of my depression and "punch it in the face" so to speak when it rears its ugly head.


A few months ago I started working with Genexa which is a company that makes healthier medicine – they even made the FIRST and ONLY USDA Certified Organic and non-GMO medicine for both adults and children. Medicines from Genexa are free from major allergens (gluten, lactose, nuts, etc) and have no side effects. Because of my history with mental health issues I was particularly drawn to their Stress Relief which was developed to treat stress, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, and inability to concentrate (all things that I still struggle with from time to time). With the added stress of my job piling on the demands I was eager to try out the stress relief formula (you can see all the ingredients, which are carefully sourced from all over the world here).


I notice that the hardest part of my day is the transition from work to the house. I find myself becoming irritable on the way because of traffic and the reminder that when I get home from work the only time spent with my daughter is during her most trying hours of the day (dinner, bath, and bedtime). I can sense the resentment build as I pull into the driveway and I was getting so frustrated that these feelings of stress and fatigue would outshine my sheer excitement that I was finally home with family.


I started taking Genexa's Stress Relief before I left work and have noticed a huge shift in my mindset and mood. I really can't begin to tell you guys enough how much they have helped me.


After taking the Stress Relief and seeing the positive effects I also tried their Allergy-D medicine which was designed to treat the following symptoms: Nasal allergy symptoms including sneezing, runny nose, irritated eyes, nasal congestion and itchy nose and throat. I had an awful reaction to the fires that were burning in August and the smoke paired with the high pollen was a nightmare for my eyes. They must have stung for three weeks before I finally got some relief from Allergy-D. Trust me, I tried every over the counter pill and eye drops and nothing worked. My boss kept thinking I was crying because they were just so irritated looking. I am keeping a bottle of these close by for when spring hits. I can't thank Genexa enough for creating this product.


Overall, I give Genexa 5 stars! I think in this day and age transparency is so important. I love how easy their website is to navigate, to learn, and understand exactly what I am putting into my body. I have been nothing but satisfied when it comes to their products and you can bet your top dollar that I will be trying more products for them. Don't forget, they also have products for children too!


This post was sponsored by Genexa. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.

Photography by Brittany Renee