Winter at Two



Today you are two-years-old.

You have mellowed out quite a bit in the last few months, yet you are still our mighty Winter. Your independence, language, and empathy have soared to new heights over the past few months. You are our little observer; taking in the world around you, watching others and patiently waiting to engage once you feel like the time is right. 

You express so much love for those that care for you. You look sincerely into the eyes of those you love and provide us with the sweetest gestures of affection from holding our cheeks with both hands, saying "te amo" (which means "I love you" in Spanish) and asking for besos (which means "kiss" in Spanish) or asking us to hold our hand.  

You still love to figure out how things work and operate. From taking apart the remote control to putting together your bike piece by piece, building towers out of legos and magnetics, you are ever so fascinated with all things mechanical. 

You count to three in both Spanish and English, are learning your colors and ask me to sing "Pretty Woman" every night after you bathe. You love Moana, Sing, and Beauty and the Beast. Anything with a beat catches your attention, and in these short two years of your life, we have had more dance parties in the kitchen before bedtime than I could ever count.


You still let me hum and rock you before bed and love to sleep on your tummy. The times we spend in your room are some of my most cherished memories. I will always remember the moments spent laying in your teepee, reading books and making sure all your stuffed animals have a sip of milk before bed.

You have taught your father and me so much about selflessness, love and endless gratitude. We wish you weren't such a picky eater, but if that's our only reason to complain than I think we hit the jackpot with you (wink). You are our world, Winter Gates. You are our everything. We are because of you and no matter where you go, we will go too. To the moon and back, kid. To the moon and back.


Happy 2nd Birthday, sweet girl. 



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Photography by Brittany Renee