Amazon Lately: Best Amazon Buys


Who here is an avid Amazon shopper? I know my family gets a ton of products from here and I wanted to start a new series that shows you what we purchase and use on a monthly basis. You will find a vast array of things from clothes, kitchen and houseware, health + beauty products and more. The post will cover items for the entire family! I hope you enjoy the round-up and stay tuned for next month's post!!!

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*This post has affiliate links, meaning if you choose to buy something, I will make a small percentage of the sale so I can continue to write and support my family (at no extra cost to you). It would mean the world to me if you like an item you see, to purchase it directly through my link. 

Amazon Lately


For Mamas

1// Off-The-Shoulder Maternity Shirt: Oh hello, new best friend. This shirt is super cute paired with jeans or a long flowy shirt and comes in several color options. I have it in size small. 

2// Maternity Jeans: These Levi jeans were recommended to me by another pregnant mama and are a great affordable solution for maternity pants. I have them in Dark Ivy. They do run a little big. I have them in size small. So many different color wash options. 

3// Button Down Dress: This has been a closet staple for me. I love it so much; I ordered it another pattern (tons to choose from). It has functional buttons so it would be great for nursing too! Size small.

4// Maternity Leggings: Say hello to the best maternity leggings ever! Size small.

5// Button Down Thermal Short Sleeve: I love tie knot thermals and have a few different versions, but they are long sleeve. I was so excited when I came across this short sleeve version. Perfect for pregnancy and nursing! Size small.

6// Underwear: I don't know if it's just me, but when I am pregnant, the everyday underwear that I like does not feel comfortable. I ordered these in a size medium and love how soft they are. They fit my growing body so well.

7 // Bamboo Handbag: This is such a darling handbag and perfect for the sweet summer days. 

For Home

8 // Collapsible Storage Bin Basket Set: We use these under a bench in our front entryway. We put dog leashes, shoes and hats in them making them easy to access but reduces the clutter.

9 // Turquoise Cutlery Set: Is this the only item on the list that I don't own, but it jumped into the collage because the color is just beautiful. I may just need to pull the trigger and purchase them.

10 // Solar Motion Sensor Lights: We ordered these and put them on the windows outside. They were really easy to install and light up when the sensor senses any movement. It just gives us peace of mind having them around the house to alert us just in case anyone or any animal was trying to pull a fast one on us. 

11 // Waffle Iron: We got this around Father's Day, and it has now become a family tradition to make waffles on Saturday mornings. We've been super happy with the cook and quality of this waffle iron. 

 Health + Beauty

12 // Magnesium Oil: When I was having terrible headaches, a Mom recommended this oil, and it worked wonders. Helps with headaches and sleep and is kid-safe too!

13 // Natural Bubble Bath: This is the bubble bath we use at our house. 

14 // Trace Mineral Oils: My chiropractor recommended that I use these trace minerals in my water daily as they help your body maintain the mineral and electrolyte balance it needs. In essence, it helps you absorb water more efficiently which can often be difficult to do when you are pregnant or nursing. 

15 // Hard-Case Make-Up Bag: This is the best makeup bag. You can move around the components to make them any size that you need. It's the only way to travel! 

16 // Eyebrow Brush: Kind of random, but this is the eyebrow brush that I use. 

For Toddler

17 // Toddler Pillow: This is the best organic cotton pillow for little ones. It's soft and fits really nice in a crib or toddler bed. 

18 // Organic Burt's Bees Underwear: This is our favorite brand/style of underwear for Winter. 

19 // Mindful Kids: These are the coolest cards. Each card gives you an idea or activity on how to do mindfulness with your child. Winter is a wee bit young for some of the activities but they are easily adaptable. 

20 // Button Art: This is one of Winter's favorite toys right now. She loves to create patterns and use her little fingers to arrange the buttons.

21 // Ear and Nose Cleaner: This Oogie Bear is the best thing to use to clean small ears and noses. It won't go too far in their ears or nose either. A household staple in my opinion.

22 // Metal Shovels: Winter uses this set in her sandbox and to help Perry garden. 

Photography by Kyla Fear