Lennon’s Baby Book + 5 Month Update


It has been five months with Lennon. Five whole months! I am so happy I have a mindfulness practice because if I didn’t stop to savor these moments, I would feel so sad with how incredibly fast it has gone.

Lennon is blowing raspberries, rolling over from tummy to back and from back to tummy, wanting to spend all day in his jumper and has the most joyful belly laugh in the world. He continues to be our easy-going child. He goes with the flow and hardly ever makes a fuss. Winter is by far his favorite person on the planet and he giggles and smiles all the time when she is around.

One labor of love that I want to do for my kids is make them a baby book. I say labor of love, because creating baby books is a bit time consuming but I know well worth it!!

With Winter, I let so many months slide by and her baby book is a bit of disaster. I am having to backtrack and compile all the things to get it done. With Lennon, I am determined to go month by month and to do this, I chose to do it digitally with Dolly Dust so I can fill it out and save it as I go.

They have these customizable templates that make it super easy to fill in and upload images straight from your computer (you can save up to 500 photos on their site while you work on your design!). For the purpose of this blog post, I went ahead and printed Lennon’s book with the content that I have already created thus far and the quality is really, really good! The book is beautifully bound and feels like it will last forever. I cannot wait to see how it will look once he is a year old and all the pages are filled with his sweet photos.

What I love about Dolly Dust is you can choose the pages that are relevant to you - they even have templates for babies who are born premature, for adopted babies, and for twins! As you work on your book you will also have access to whimsical stock photos that you can incorporate into your design. I had so much fun playing around with all of the options and love how creative I could be to make this book fit Lennon. Also, you can make these books anywhere from 52-102 pages long! Shorter books could be wonderful for specific chapters in their life, or you could design one giant book that holds all of your memories. Seriously such a gift to give to your children.


The process was seamless and I love the fonts and colors that I chose for the book. The gold foil lettering on the cover looks so elegant too!

If you are in the market for a baby book, make sure you check out Dolly Dust. I will share the final result with you too!

Do you have a baby book that your parents made for you? My Mom gave me mine when Winter was born and I pull it out from time to time to read all about how my Mom felt as a new mother (I am her oldest child). It really is a such a beautiful thing she did for me and I am so glad I am doing it for my kids too!

This post was sponsored by Dolly Dust. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Terra LaRock