Choose Your Own Adventure Day!


In January, I realized that I was working too much. Every spare moment I had was spent on the computer. I really like being a working mother. My work is my passion and I don’t for a second take it for granted. However, when it began to interfere with time spent with my family, I knew I needed to do some soul searching about my priorities and adjust some things.

I wrote a reminder on my mirror that says, “Today you will work and you work hard. And then you will shut it all down and be with family. Today you will love and you love hard too! You have time to do both things.”

I know it’s not super sexy to talk about taxes but the reality is everyone has to think about them. So when TaxAct asked me to partner with them, I accepted because I have actually been filing my taxes with them for years. I really love their mission to help people file quickly so they can use their free time doing things that they love like spending time with family or having time for self-care, travel, exercise, and catching up with friends.


We have so much to learn this year. We own two businesses now: Love & LaRock and The Mindful Mamas Club which means taxes have the potential to be tricky. But with TaxAct there are many options to get your return filed no matter what your tax situation look like, including a FREE product that helps you maximize your refund. We chose to go with the Self-Employment option since that fits our needs best. And because filing our taxes with TaxAct is so fast and easy, that leaves more time for family! You can even file your simple Federal return in under 10 minutes. Doesn’t that sound like a dream? Find out how to do that here!

So now that our taxes are well on their way to being complete, it was time to get started on our next task, “Choose Your Adventure Day”!

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 1.11.27 PM.png

Since it was only 4 degrees outside we decided instead of playing outside, we would plan a “Choose Your Adventure Day” with Winter and Lennon. This idea adds a bit more fun and excitement to some of our average, everyday indoor activities. Winter’s first choice was to either have a sweeping sock dance party or read a book. She clearly chose the sock sweeping party! She thought it was so much fun to look at the quick visual guide I made on Canva the night before and circle which one we should do. Feel free to print it out and try it with your littles  :)

I would really love to know what you are doing this year to work less, spend less time on screens and be intentional with your time. I love sharing with you what I am doing because it helps keep me accountable.


Oh and don’t forget that TaxAct has a really good deal right now. When filing with TaxAct you can place any amount of your refund on a gift card from one of their select partnered retailers and TaxAct will give you a bonus of up to $100. They offer gift cards with Amazon, AMC, Sephora, Gamestop, The Children’s Place and so many more!

This post was sponsored by TaxAct. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.