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6 Week Postpartum Check Up

I recently had my six-week postpartum appointment and while I am feeling really good emotionally, I have some work to do before I will feel like myself physically. I’ve noticed that I have a really hard time getting up out of bed or off the couch and have been protecting my abs. I still roll to the side and don’t feel like my core is super stable. Also, (full-disclosure here) I have peed myself a few times walking down or up the stairs, which is rather uncomfortable and quite embarrassing. After consulting with my midwife, it turns out I have about a three-finger separation between my abs (aka. Diastasis Recti) and my pelvic floor, which doesn’t seem to be healing as well as it should either. What does this mean? Well, it means I get to start physical therapy for both issues next week! Oh boy!

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