With Winter + Ergo Baby

Winter and I start our mornings out nice and slowly. If we have somewhere to go that day, she’s usually the first one to get dressed. We co-slept up until Winter was two-months-old but now that she sleeps in her crib, I have to soak up the bedtime snuggles while she's awake. I will always treasure these quiet mornings we had together when I was on maternity leave.

After I‘ve my morning tea (which has been heated and reheated at this point at least three times), I put Winter in the carrier. It seems like yesterday when Perry and I were first trying to watch videos on how to operate our baby gear. We had to watch each one a few of times because we were so sleep deprived and our attention span and memory were well, a tad nonexistent. Now it seems like second nature for us. I tell friends who are expecting to practice with stuffed animals before baby arrives because this parenting thing sure has a steep learning curve!

Perry is currently in the process of doing some home improvements and baby proofing our house. We bought it knowing that it would one day become a rental property but it has now grown to be so much more for us. There is something special about raising your child in your first home and while I know one day we will pack up and say goodbye, right now it’s one of my favorite places. I tend to spend the most time in the kitchen. It has a ton of natural light, which is great for us because we love to collect plants. I often try to put plants throughout the house in dark, low lit areas. Perry is constantly telling me that I can't just put plants for aesthetic reasons alone because they will die. I hate to admit it, but he's ALWAYS right. I have killed more plants on the bookshelf in our living room than I can count. I am beginning to take his advice and now I keep the majority next to a sunny window in the kitchen.

Winter time in Denver fluctuates between snow and sun, warm and frigged on a weekly basis. I tend to get a little stir crazy so whenever the weather allows it, we get out of the house. Perry and I are always trying to plan and improve our tiny backyard garden. I love learning about different varieties of plants and flowers so one of my favorite places to visit is a greenhouse. Winter will be sitting up and maybe even crawling by summer and I can't wait to see our garden through her eyes.

I don't drink coffee often, but I absolutely love tea. While I typically brew my own at home, every now and then I stop at the local coffee shop by our house and pick up a cup before heading home.

Winter's bed time is anywhere between six and seven. She has finally grown out of the "witching hour" where she cried inconsolably for hours at night. Now that she has mellowed a bit, she joins me in the kitchen before bed time to pull out a few items for dinner or grab a snack.

Winter and I usually end the day in her room. I absolutely love going on adventures with her. I've definitely had to ease into taking her places alone and I still get nervous at times. However, I know that it's good for me to keep trying these mini outings just the two of us and that my confidence as a new mom will continue to grow. I can't wait to see where we go next. 

Mine: Romper c/o Loyal Hana| Blue Checkered Shirt c/o Loyal Hana | Carrier c/o Ergo Baby | Infant Insert c/o Ergo Baby| Jeans c/o BDG
Winter: Pants c/o Ammon Lane| Bonnet c/o Rain People|  Bow c/o Loved By Sophia Claire

Photography by Brittany Renee'

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