{Photo}Synthesis Vol.I: Carley Summers of @calraypage


{Photo}Synthesis is a platform for all things green from gardening tips, floral design and for featuring others doing really cool things with plants.  

Welcome to the first {Photo}Synthesis post of the series! It's my goal to share one of the greatest passions that brought my husband and I closer together, PLANTS. When we were dating, Perry had three urban backyard gardens that he created and tended to at different friends’ houses. We would spend so many mornings riding our bikes between them, watering, weeding and enjoy the morning sun. These mornings have created some of the best memories for us and I can't wait until it's summertime and we’re able to share our gardening journey with all of you!

For the first post in the series, I'd like to introduce you to my new friend, Carley. There is something to be said about finding inspiration through photographs. It's one of the reasons why I love Instagram so much. When I came across Carley's account, I gawked a little and kept scrolling and scrolling to see more images of her quaint, bohemian jungle that she calls home. I love how she uses plants to decorate. It elevates the space to a whole new level and adds so much color while providing a sense of tranquility and peace.

The Boston fern in the picture below is one of our favorite plants. Instead of doing a unity candle at our wedding, we had our parents bring us soil from our hometowns (mine being Arizona and his Minnesota) which we poured and mixed together with Colorado soil in the fern pot during our ceremony. We called it our "love" fern, which unfortunately died while we were on our honeymoon (luckily our actual love has outlasted our love fern, ha!). Despite our track record, it is a relatively easy plant to care for; to avoid what happened to ours you can read tips on how to nurture this plant here.

There is something so fun about adding plants to your decor. It adds life that furniture and other nic-nacs just can’t bring. Fireplace mantels, shelves, and hanging planters are among my favorite places to decorate with plants. I help mine stay alive by using fertilizer once a month and moving them around from time to time to receive different lighting.
— Carley Aman

What I also enjoy about Carley's space is that many of the items in her house were purchased throughout her travels, including her latest adventure to Morocco. I love it when pieces have meaning and tell a story. This Florida home is a dream and the creator that inhabits it is truly an inspiration when it comes to home design. Thank you, Carley, for letting me feature your space.

Photography by Carley Aman