A First Father's Day

It's Perry's first Father's day and I could not be more proud to call him my husband and the father of my child. For as long as I have known Perry, he has wanted to be a father, especially to a sweet baby girl. He is often a more patient parent than I, and I have no doubt that Winter already knows that he is the fun one! Laughter radiates from the room that they are in, sending me warm and fuzzy feelings from afar. I am not sure he knows how much comfort it brings me when I watch the two of them interact. I will spend my life trying to remind him how truly grateful I am.

While we share the same values on parenting, we differ in so many ways. He is the Ying to my Yang. I am the emotional one, he is the logical one. I bring the chaos, he brings the calm. I love to gab to show my sentiment, he shows me his love through acts of service.

I was recently going down the rabbit hole of the internet and watched Kelly Clarkson perform "Piece by Piece" on American Idol . She sings, "Piece by piece he restored my faith. That a man can be kind and a father could... stay." I, like the rest of the audience, started bawling as I listened to the lyrics and watched Kelly's emotional response to singing her own words. I come from a divorced family. I don't think it broke me, but it definitely had a large influence on who I am as a woman today. My mom has remarried and now I have the honor of having two dads. I think that no matter if a child has one or two parents, a mother or a father, a grandmother or aunt, as long as there is love, they will feel it. Yet, I couldn't help but to acknowledge an overwhelming sensation of gratitude because I know within the depths of my soul, that Winter's father will always be her best friend. God willing, he will be there to take her on Daddy/Daughter dates when she is young to teach her how she should be treated; interrogate, I mean question, her significant others; and walk her down the aisle one day at her wedding.

He will consistently be there for her; he will as Kelly put it, always STAY. And cue the water works, because you know that I just shed a few tears writing this. Happy Father's Day, Perry.