Trunk Club: Winter Is Here


This is now my third month trying out Trunk Club. If you are unfamiliar with this personalized styling service from Nordstrom, then head over to my Instagram Stories and on the highlight reel titled Trunk Club, I did a Q&A on how it works and why I love it. 

This month, I asked my stylist,  Jennifer, to go heavy on the cardigans and sweaters. She did not disappoint. 

I think the best thing about this service is that it introduces you to some great brands that you may have not known about otherswise. Take these jeans for example. A similar pair came in my first trunk but I wasn't ready to purchase them (not in the budget). I kept an eye on this brand and when they went on sale, I snagged a pair. 

I also love that there is absolutely no obligation to get a trunk every month. You can get one monthly, bi-monthly or every three months. If you want to try it, I highly recommend my stylist,  Jennifer. You can sign up and learn more by following the THIS link.

Oh, and the best part is if you love Trunk Club and recommend it to others and they sign up, you get a referral bonus of $50 (once they spend $50) to go towards your next trunk/s. It doesn't cost the person anything to sign up under a referral link, so don't be hesitant to encourage others to try it!


*This post has affiliate links, meaning if you choose to buy something, I will make a small percentage of the sale so I can continue to write and support my family.