Nordstrom Trunk Club: Why Everyone Should Try It

Photo via  Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Last winter I joined Trunk Club and I haven't looked back since.

If you haven't heard of Trunk Club I am here to tell you that it's been one of my most favorite things that I have signed up for.

What is it?

Trunk Club is a personal styling service that matches you with a stylist whom handpicks clothing that is sent straight to your door. You can receive Trunks every month, bi-monthly or as often as you would like. I get one monthly!

I have been with my stylist,  Jenny, for quite some time and she always sends me the most fabulous stuff. What's cool about Trunk Club is that you get an itemized preview email that you can review and either tell your stylist to send, don't send or add in something different. This way you have some say in what is being sent to you. 

Once you say "Yeah!" to your stylist's selections your Trunk will be shipped and you'll then have five days to try everything on. 

Is there a styling fee?

If you have a Nordstrom's credit card (which I do) there is no styling fee. Without a Nordtrom's credit card a non-refundable $25 styling fee is charged but will be credited toward whatever you choose to keep. In other words, if you keep something you won't get charged the fee and the fee will be absorbed by the cost of the item(s) you decide to keep (if over $25 of course). 

Is there free shipping? 

It's always free shipping so you can return the items you decide not to keep by scheduling a UPS pick up (which I think is easiest) or dropping it off at any UPS or Nordstrom location. 

Are there any other perks?

Another cool thing, if you sign up a friend with your stylist and they spend $50, you get $50 credit. It's a really awesome referral program. 

Also, if you have a Nordstrom credit card you earn notes by shopping through your trunk. Notes are redeemable in stores or online at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack.


Click here to Shop with my stylist!

I did a try-on for you guys in stories the other day but I wanted to make sure I linked everything that came in my Trunk here as well. Happy Shopping, everyone!

July Trunk Club Try-On

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