Morning Meditations in Motherhood


*This post is sponsored by aden + anais, who recently just launched a new diaper line. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Soak in what’s real and what’s real is unhurried. The ground. The air. The exhale. The planted seed. The shift. The season.
— Victoria Erickson

This year, I have made an intentional shift to start my mornings as slow as possible. I no longer reach for the phone and check emails and texts, open social media nor think about my to-do list. When I wake up, the first thing I do is set an intention and say one thing that I am grateful for. 

This small change has been quite liberating and I am finding new and creative ways to bring this philosophy with me throughout my day. 


There is a new technique that I have been trying in the mornings with Winter that I wanted to share with you. It's called 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and it's as simple as the name!

Sometime during the day take two minutes to tap into all five senses and observe what is going on around you. I find the most simple moments for this meditation technique is when I am getting my daughter ready for the day, heating up my morning coffee or when I am doing the laundry. Here's how it works:


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  1. SIGHT: Look around you and notice 5 things that you see. Note each item silently in your head, noticing the color, the texture and any other detail that pops out to you about this object. 
  2. TOUCH: You can either reach out and touch 4 items around you or notice 4 things that are already touching you like the way your button on your jeans feel against your skin, what material is underneath your feet (the wood floor, a rug, your socks), the way your ring on your finger feels, etc. This part of the meditation works great when you are with your child. You can notice the fabric of their clothing, the texture of their hair or shoes, and so on. I love to reach out and hug Winter and notice what her skin feels like pressed against mine. 
  3. SOUND: Close your eyes if you wish and note 3 sounds that you hear. This can be external sounds like the sound of the fan or child talking or internal sounds like your breath. 
  4. SMELL: Note 2 things you smell around you. If you are struggling with this one, simply put your shirt up to your nose or grab a nearby flower to sniff. Just see if you can pick up on the different varieties of scent around you.
  5. TASTE: Take a second to notice 1 thing that you taste (maybe it's the lingering scent of your toothpaste or the floral notes from your tea). 


I notice that when I take the time to practice this technique, I am much more observant of my surroundings throughout the day. For example, the other day Winter was very interested in putting on her new diapers from aden + anais on her stuffed animals. As we did this, I asked her (even though she can't always respond) to notice the beautiful colors and patterns on the diapers and to touch and feel how soft they were. Winter was able to tell me that the flowers that she had on her diaper were red and then she kept telling her bear that they were so soft and so cute. I find so much joy in teaching her, even at a young age, to tune into the world around her and to practice being fully present.


I hope that you get as much joy as I do out of this exercise. Please let me know how it goes and continue to read to see my review on her new diapers that just launched from aden + anais below.


When Winter was born, I was gifted a super soft Muslin swaddle set from aden + anais. When I heard that they were launching their own diaper line, I was super pumped to check them out because I knew first hand how great their swaddles were.

What I am in love with about this new diaper launch is that aden + anais is giving back to the planet by planting one tree for every pack sold. Hooray! I just love when companies are so thoughtful and want to give back like this.

The diaper collection has several prints and patterns to choose from. Winter is wearing a diaper from the Lourdes collection. I couldn't resist the poppies and floral combo. What I noticed first about these diapers is how soft they are. They are hypoallergenic and contain no harsh chemicals, fragrances, lotions or latex so that is a HUGE plus for us.

Also, we have been loving their wipes. They are formulated with soothing extracts like aloe and vitamin E. I feel really confident about using this line for Winter.


We have been in our new diapers for over a week and so far no leaks during the day or night! Winter has managed to put a diaper on every stuffed animal she has, so clearly, she is a fan too! They are currently available in sizes 1-5 (up to 35lbs) and you can get yours by clicking here!

Photography by Brittany Renee