Sometimes the Body Takes a Back Seat While the Heart is Busy


The mantra, “Sometimes the body takes a back seat while the heart is busy” came during a thirteen hour work day. My partner and I were preparing a pitch deck for a potential investor that wanted to see our plans to bring The Mindful Mamas Club to life in the form of a self-care and mindfulness app for mothers and mothers-to-be. We had been working tirelessly and during a quick stretching break, we were laughing about how tight and stiff our bodies felt. 

The mantra was created to symbolize how we felt that day but for me, it symbolized a greater time frame in my postpartum journey with Lennon as I continue to be mindful of my mental and social and emotional wellbeing. Kindred Bravely, a beautiful clothing line dedicated to making mamas (in every stage of motherhood) feel loved, valued, and comfortable in their bodies, encouraged me to share more about my wellbeing. 

In May, my mental health took a dip. I woke up one day feeling like a dark cloud had parked itself above my head and it did not seem to be going anywhere soon. It was so strange for me to experience such a significant backslide in my mental state because up until that day, I had been doing so well. 


After the first week of feeling pretty awful, I was devastated. I trusted that my healing from the PPD/OCD I had experienced with my first would stick, and I felt so confused why all of a sudden it would show back up for me. 

I decided pretty quickly that I would take a break from social media and content creation. I had been working full time on Love & LaRock and The Mindful Mamas Club (MMC) and I knew that I needed to push pause on something in order to make more space for sleep, counseling, resting, and healing. 

Pushing the pause button was not an easy decision. Creating content for brands is HOW I make money and every penny I make that is not going towards mortgage, student loans, and bills is going towards funding MMC. But I knew that my heart needed a break. I needed a break. I stopped posting, stopped shooting content, and stopped taking on collaborations for a month while I focused on me. 

Kindred Bravely, a company that I signed a several month contract to create content for, is one of those brands that really cares about me and my well-being. During my break, they sent me this beautiful floral kimono and this lace bralet. in the box that it came in were mantra cards to lift my spirits, and to remind me that I am a good mother and that my body is beautiful just the way it is.


It’s been a month since I have slowly started easing back into content creation again. The month of rest was so needed but I am happy to be back. I plan to share more about what I did to heal soon. In the meantime, I will continue to focus on my heart and move my body in a way that feels gentle and right for me without putting ANY pressure on myself to look a certain way. This is postpartum and I feel so incredibly blessed to be experiencing it. 

I now own several bras, bralets and other apparel from Kindred Bravely. They are, hands down, one of my FAVORITE motherhood brands. I rounded up a few more products from them that I have and am loving below.

Happy shopping, Mamas. Remember to take care of you!



Vision board 2019.jpg

1. Lace Bralette

2. Compression Panties

3. Leggings

4. Emmaline Robe

5. Kimono

This post was sponsored by Kindred Bravely. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.