Dear Daughter: A Letter Of Gratitude


Dear Winter,

It's been awhile since I have written to you. I feel like in the last week, following the accident you had (you can read about it more, here), we have become even closer than I ever thought imaginable.

Now, more than ever, I am soaking you in. I find myself pausing to smell the scent of your hair,  looking ever so closely at your hand dimples, at the color of your eyes and at the way you interact with the world. I am so humbled by the love that I feel for you.

At two years of age, you are already displaying the maturity of your soul. I know in my the depths of my being, that you are a wise one and have done this thing called life a time a two before.

You are our little observer. You watch the world ever so carefully and feel the emotions that others display around you more profoundly than I think even your father or I could comprehend.

I learn so much in your presence and I will forever be grateful for you my dear little one.

In my eyes, you are a superhero, an infinite example of compassion and love, and my very best friend.

Some of my happiest moments are rocking you to sleep, sitting on the floor together while we play or holding you while we dance and sing. I never in a million years could dream up a more perfect person than you to call my child.

I am so grateful to you; to the universe for giving me this gift to be your mother. Thank you for choosing me to be your mommy.

Te amo. To the luna and back, kid. To the luna and back.


Your Mommy

A huge thank you to everyone who texted, direct messaged and commented regarding our scare. I really believe that hope is stronger in numbers and my husband and I were blown away with your concern and prayer. All the love. 

Photography by Brittany Renee