Top 7 Apps/Services to Help You Organize Your Life


I don't know if you're like me, but I tend to get so overwhelmed with clutter. There is so much clutter in my house, on my phone and in my mind. Clutter just seems to be the one thing that I can't seem to tackle. This isn't good because I notice that when my external space is less organized, the less regulated I feel on the inside. 

Every time I begin to clean the house, I get stuck on what to do with the little things lying around the house such as receipts, old letters and other odds and ends that I know that I need to keep to refer back to. However, having this crap around makes it so hard for me to keep a clutter-free house and mind.

So because 2018 is all about the CALM life, I think it's time for me to dive into those overflowing bins at the back of my closet, into all my junk drawers, and even sort through the stuff that I store on my phone and organize my life already!

Below is a list of 7 apps/online services that I plan to use to make my 2018 as clutter-free and organized as possible.

Top 7 Apps/Services to Help You Organize Your Life

1. Fotobridge: Remember those wind-up cameras? Yeah, I have at least two plastic containers full of old photos that just sit there collecting dust. I am really excited to try out Fotobridge as it allows you to scan old photos in bulk and share or print books.  

2. Shoe Boxed: I have no idea what to do with receipts. They end up all pilled up on my dresser and make for a huge eyesore. If I ever need to return something, well, that's an adventure in itself just trying to find the right receipt. This year, I plan to use Shoe Boxed, which is an app that turns receipts into an organized, categorized, and IRS- accepted online archive. 

3. ArtKive: This service allows you to turn your kid's artwork into printable books. Now you won't ever have to feel bad about recycling your children's artwork!

4. CampusQuilt.Com:  I have so many old shirts from my college years just stuffed away in the back of my closet. I think this is such a cool service because it turns your old shirts into a keepsake quilt. 

5. LastPass: I can't be the only one who gets uber frustrated when they can't remember their password for things like Netflix, Target Cartwheel or Dropbox? I plan to use LastPass which is an app that securely stores all your usernames and passwords that are accessible with TouchID. 

6. Pocket: I screenshot and save so many articles and cool websites that I want to refer back to on my phone that I never end up going back to. But now with Pocket, I can save these links in an organized fashion to refer back to later. It even has the text-to-speech feature so it can read the articles to me while I wash dishes or fold laundry. 

7. Skimm Notes: I think I am like a lot of people when I say that I like to stay informed on recent and major events but don't always want to sift through the news to figure out what's really going on. That's where Skimmm can help. Once a week, Skimm Notes will highlight relevant topics so that you can understand the significant issues in the world in under 10 minutes. 

Are there any organizational apps that you use? I would love to learn about them!

Photography by Brittany Renee