Craving Spring with Kroma Phone Cases


*This post was sponsored by Kroma. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Although we have had a mild winter in Colorado so far, there have been a few stretches of days where we haven't seen the sun and it's been too cold to go outside.

Right around the time that February makes its way onto the front page of our calendar, I notice myself forward thinking about and craving spring; and instead of resisting it, I let the excitement set in as we start to plan out our backyard garden.

The first step in the process is to always visit our favorite greenhouse to talk to the employees and owner about design plans and soak in the beautiful sights of greenery.

I am a firm believer that if you just spend 15 minutes surrounded by nature, the natural calm that surrounds you soaks in and you immediately start to embody that calm and you become more at ease.


On the way to the greenhouse, I couldn't even finish my cup of coffee because I was feeling waves of anxiety. I knew that the caffeine wouldn't mix well with the anxiety churning in my stomach so I put it down and grabbed my water instead.

It was crazy how I completely forgot about these waves of anxiety as Perry, Winter and I started walking down the isles. Winter found these ridiculously cute pink flamingos that she carried around with her the entire time we were there.


We recently had the opportunity to try out Kroma who specializes in making phone cases that are BPA free. And thank goodness for this because BPA is an industrial chemical that can transfer orally and via the skin, and may lead to infertility, heart diseases, and brain and behavior issues in young children and babies. Kroma viewed this as concerning and that's why they formulated their own material that meets FDA food-grade standards, and are completely free of BPA, BPS, BPF, and phthalates.


I am usually so aware of the products that we bring into our house, but I had no idea that so many phone case covers aren't as child nor environmentally-friendly as they should be. I kind of feel foolish for not thinking about our phone cases as it's an item that my family touches on a daily basis and when Winter was little, there was definitely a time or two that she put the phone in her mouth to chew on. 


Not only is Kroma BPA-free, but their cases are 100% recyclable and come in so many different patterns. They are incredibly easy to switch out. It took me less than 5 seconds to change out the back while at the greenhouse. In the photos, I am featuring the Mojito model and the Poplin model. 

As a mama of a toddler, I not only want my products to be safe for my kids to use, but I also need them to be tough. Kroma cases can absorb up to 11 feet of impact.  It's definitely a  phone case that can withstand the everyday uh-ohs! I couldn't recommend this product enough!


And now that I am no longer worrying about my phone, I can get back to the garden planning. I am torn between a romantic garden theme full of roses, pastels and mint green or a bold design full of pops of colors and more unique varieties of flowers. Which one do you think we should go with?

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Photography by Brittany Renee