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A Letter to Myself: On Self-Love and Gratitude

I know it may sound weird but every so often when I write letters to Winter and Perry I also write them to myself. I find it so necessary to document where I am in each stage of life, and to be able to go back to these little letters of encouragement in order to read on the days when my self-worth is fleeting, "Terra, you are enough." I encourage you to join me and write yourself a You Are Enough letter. They can be very powerful. 

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A Letter to Winter: A Summer Shift


I am not sure if I could ever articulate the beautiful child that I see when I look into your eyes. In the last week I haven't been spending as much time with you, yet I still feel like you are with me all the time. I feel so lucky to be able to walk downstairs and work on my creative projects all while being able to hear your sweet voice and laugh as you play with the nanny. This gift of summer has really been so good for the soul, for both mine and yours. You are developing a relationship with other people, learning to trust them and welcoming them into your world.

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16-Week Bump Update

I am so excited that I am doing these bump updates. It will be fun to go through them one day with my son or daughter. I am so thankful to Brittany, the photographer for the blog, for capturing such beautiful imagery.

We shot this at a park in Denver that has this crazy castle-like structure. I climbed up on the wall and initially wanted to stand, but I was feeling a bit dizzy, so I sat and just enjoyed the views of the park. It was really relaxing.

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5 Ways to Protect Your House: At Home & Online

The other day, our neighbor notified us that a man tried to open the front door while their daughter was sleeping in the living room. They immediately informed the police and shared an image of the man who attempted to break in. Thanks to the Logitech Circle 2 Camera they had just installed earlier in the week, they were able to capture an image of the trespasser. Talk about excellent timing!

We thought our neighborhood was relatively safe, but this particular incident got us thinking about more ways we can protect our house and family, both at home and online.

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Weekend Links: Cuatro

We are swinging into the weekend and I realize that I have totally dropped the ball on this series. I am so behind on posts. I must have 10 half-written blog posts, but I am trying so hard to take the pressure off myself and listen to what I need right now in life, which is a lot of rest. 

Remember that in these Weekend Links posts, there will always be a 'Question of the Week'.  If you respond to it in the comments below you will be in the running to win something from me that I will mail to you as a token of my appreciation for reading the blog. 

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Craving Spring with Kroma Phone Cases

Although we have had a mild winter in Colorado so far, there have been a few stretches of days where we haven't seen the sun and it's been too cold to go outside.

Right around the time that February makes its way onto the front page of our calendar, I notice myself forward thinking about and craving spring; and instead of resisting it, I let the excitement set in as we start to plan out our backyard garden.

The first step in the process is to always visit our favorite greenhouse to talk to the employees and owner about design plans and soak in the beautiful sights of greenery.

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Sweet Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids

Happy February, everyone! I can't stop thinking about how I felt in February three years ago as it was the month that we found out that we were pregnant with Winter. It's such a unique memory for us. 

I have always loved to celebrate love, and while I don't always get caught up in the commercialism of Valentine's Day, I really love any excuse to decorate with hearts and do things with my family that is all things LOVE related. 

Winter is getting to the age where she is enjoying arts and crafts and helping me when I create fun things.  Below is a little round-up of the Valentine's Day crafts that we intend to try together as a family.

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Weekend Links: Dos

Well, due to the recent events that took place with our little one (you can read it about it, here), I am way behind on the blog, including Weekend Links. 

Remember that in these Weekend Links posts, there will always be a 'Question of the Week'.  If you respond to it in the comments below, you will be in the running to win something from me that I will mail to you as a token of my appreciation for reading the blog. Last week, I sent everyone who commented and gave me their address a small package :)

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