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Winter's First Birthday


On November 6, 2016 at 6:39 PM, you turned one years old. I can’t describe to you the joy it brings to me, the honor I share with your father in wishing you a happy first birthday. From the moment you were born, my soul flew free, wrapped its arms around you and hasn’t left your side since. I picture this process often. I envision a warm, translucent light hovering over you as you explore your world, encouraging you to spread your kindness to everyone you meet.

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Teething 101

Winter has two bottom teeth coming in! It is such an exciting milestone but can be a difficult one to navigate for both parent and baby. So, I asked the greater community of Instagram to provide any teething tips and was overwhelmed with the knowledgeable responses. I haven't tried all of them but I figured I would compile a list in case you too are needing some ideas.

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