Teething 101

Winter has two bottom teeth coming in! It is such an exciting milestone but can be a difficult one to navigate for both parent and baby. So, I asked the greater community of Instagram to provide any teething tips and was overwhelmed with the knowledgeable responses. I haven't tried all of them but I figured I would compile a list in case you too are needing some ideas.

  • Helpful essential oils: clove, peppermint, chamomile, lavender
  • Give Lavender baths
  • Make knots in organic cotton, wet and freeze for the baby to suck on
  • Have baby wear (not chew) an amber necklace
  • Freeze food like berries, bananas, celery, waffles, peas, apple slices (tip: use mesh nets/fresh food feeders)
  • Put diluted thieves oil or vanilla on their gums
  • Use teething rings that you can freeze
  • Have baby gnaw on raw ginger or onion stalks
  • Make breast milk popsicle (tip: use popsicle molds)
  • Freeze a damp washcloth
  • Use Hyland teething tablets or gel
  • Use Bunkin teething oil

*I highly encourage you to do your own research about the aforementioned tips as I am in no position to tell you what techniques or products are right for your families needs.