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Trying for Baby #2: We're Pregnant

It was incredibly easy for us to get pregnant the first time (which we feel so blessed about), so our original thinking that it would be the same with baby #2.

Nine months of waiting for that positive test doesn't seem like an eternity now, but if you have ever wanted something so badly, then you know how discouraging it can be to get that negative test several months in a row. 

Because I have been open about our journey, I have been introduced to so many beautiful souls who are also trying to conceive, and many of them have been trying a lot longer, have experienced miscarriages, and failed rounds of IVF. These women have been etched into my nightly prayers, and before I go any further, I want to acknowledge their strength, and hope that their baby comes soon. It breaks my heart to hear about all the families that struggle with infertility. It just doesn't seem fair.

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Winter's Arrival. A Birth Story.


This is the story of how you came into the world. You may not understand all that I am going to explain to you but if and when you decide to have your own kids, I want you to know how you were born and I want you to understand that it will remain my favorite day in the world because it's the day that I finally met you, my sweet girl. We kept your gender a surprise. I wasn't too thrilled with this idea at first but your father explained how important it was that he too feel as connected to you as the immediate maternal bond is. He conveyed how romantic it would be if he could present you to me by saying, "Here is your son" or "Meet your daughter". Because I am such a hopeful romantic, I swooned at the thought of your father's introduction and agreed to wait to know who you were at birth.

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