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34-Week Bump Update

I was 13 weeks along the last time we shot in this same location, bright-eyed, so full of hope and just really excited to be pregnant. I can't stop looking at those photos from that day and compare them to the ones that you see here in this blog post. My belly has grown quite a bit. I have grown quite a bit as a human being also and it's really neat to see where I came from and where I am now. 

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28-Week Bump Update: Hello, 3rd Trimester

Hello, 3rd trimester. I am having so much fun thinking about how close I am to meeting this little nugget. The other day on Instagram I ran a fun little contest to see if anyone could guess the name. I was blown away by how many of you entered and got it right. If you are in the need for some gender neutral names, seriously check out the post. So many amazing ideas. So the hints were: The baby's name is gender neutral and it has to do with imagination. The top ten guesses were as follows: Wonder, Art, Charlie, Story,  Jude, Lennon, Phoenix, Bowie and London. One of those names is in fact the baby's name but we aren't revealing which one just yet. :)

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Midi Skirt Perfect for Pregnancy

I am still a bit behind with blogging about all of my J Crew Sale finds. Better late than never, right? This white crinkle midi skirt is an investment piece that I welcomed into my closet with open arms. I first fell in love with the lightweight material and the fact it fits over the baby bump so well. I am wearing my regular size 4 since the elastic band allows for some stretch around the midline. Oh, did I mention that this dress has pockets!?

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24-Week Bump Update

Gosh, the days are flying by now that I am feeling better. I took advantage of this stretch of feel-good days by hiring us a nanny. Having one enables Perry and I the space to work uninterrupted by not having to juggle back and forth taking care of little Winter. 

Perry and I really wanted to spend a few days alone before baby comes so we decided to extend a wedding vacation that we have coming up so that we can enjoy some time together,  just the two of us. It really won't be long until it's the four of us. Eek!

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Trying for Baby #2: We're Pregnant

It was incredibly easy for us to get pregnant the first time (which we feel so blessed about), so our original thinking that it would be the same with baby #2.

Nine months of waiting for that positive test doesn't seem like an eternity now, but if you have ever wanted something so badly, then you know how discouraging it can be to get that negative test several months in a row. 

Because I have been open about our journey, I have been introduced to so many beautiful souls who are also trying to conceive, and many of them have been trying a lot longer, have experienced miscarriages, and failed rounds of IVF. These women have been etched into my nightly prayers, and before I go any further, I want to acknowledge their strength, and hope that their baby comes soon. It breaks my heart to hear about all the families that struggle with infertility. It just doesn't seem fair.

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