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Like A Girl: How To Raise an Independent Kid

When I was 14 I dreamt about owning a Ford F-150 truck. I’ not entirely sure why I wanted to own one but I know it had something to do with the good ol’ American nostalgia I experienced as a kid riding in my grandfather’s truck. I loved being seated up high with the windows down and the music blasting on the open Oklahoma country roads. To make this dream a reality, I got a job as a lifeguard and saved every nickel and dime I had. By the time I was 17 (with the help of my generous parents) I was living my teenage dream and driving my F-150 around town with so much pride. It wasn’t red like Winter’s little Ford push cart, but it was mine, and I can recall feeling a sense of girl empowerment, a feeling that I don’t think I had ever been attuned to before getting my truck. It wasn’t because I had a truck per se, but because I had a dream, worked hard and achieved it. Plus, it helped that I burned the stereotype down in my town that trucks were only for boys, because, hello, NO they are not!

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5 Ways To Create A Literacy-Rich Enviornment

At 16 months, Winter is beginning to add new words to her vocabulary on a daily basis. We are trying to raise her bilingual in Spanish and English and just the other day she said her first Spanish word, "Auga" which means water. My heart melted into one giant puddle. I love that she is learning two languages. Winter has also learned how to voice when she disagrees with you by saying, "No, No" (sometimes even with a sassy head nod and finger shake). I may be in big trouble over here guys. :)

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For Baby + Mama: 5 Baby Rearing Products I Wish I Had Known About Earlier

There are so many products out there for mom + baby. It can definitely be confusing to know what to buy or use. Perry and I took the approach of trying to buy the least amount of stuff and get to know our daughter's like and dislikes before we went crazy at the store. However, we all know that hindsight is 20/20 and there are a select few products that we wish we would have known about earlier and plan to save and use when baby number two comes (which is yet to be determined).

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