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Summer's Ending, Work Is Near

The day before returning back to work from maternity leave, Winter and I visited Meek Vintage and sat on their couch for an hour while I held my sleeping then three-month-old baby. Tears filled my eyes at the thought of leaving her. I am actually getting teary-eyed typing this because I remember the raw emotion so well. I don't know if that memory will ever leave me.

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{Photo}Synthesis Vol.I: Carley Summers of @calraypage

Welcome to the first {Photo}Synthesis post of the series! It's my goal to share one of the greatest passions that brought my husband and I closer together, PLANTS. When we were dating, Perry had three urban backyard gardens that he created and tended to at different friends’ houses. We would spend so many mornings riding our bikes between them, watering, weeding and enjoy the morning sun. These mornings have created some of the best memories for us and I can't wait until it's summertime and we’re able to share our gardening journey with all of you!

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