5 Ways to Protect Your House: At Home & Online


The other day, our neighbor notified us that a man tried to open the front door while their daughter was sleeping in the living room. They immediately informed the police and shared an image of the man who attempted to break in. Thanks to the Logitech Circle 2 Camera they had just installed earlier in the week, they were able to capture an image of the trespasser. Talk about excellent timing!

We thought our neighborhood was relatively safe, but this particular incident got us thinking about more ways we can protect our house and family, both at home and online.

Below are five tips on how to achieve a safer abode:

  1. Have good lighting in the front and backyard: We have motion lights in the front and backyard, as well as outdoor lights that are on a timer – all that can be monitored from our smartphones. A well lit home is essential in deterring potential intruders from breaking in because they have a much higher chance of being caught versus in the dark.
  2. Install Logitech’s Circle 2 home security camera: Although we already installed a camera in the front of the house before our neighbor’s attempted break-in, we wanted to beef up our security and install even more cameras to have a complete view of our house and its surrounding areas. To accomplish this, we used the Circle 2 home security camera from Logitech. It has a 180 degree wide-angle lens, smartphone notifications when motion is triggered, night vision and the ability to record and view the video at the touch of a button on your phone. With the addition of another camera, we can now see our entire backyard and love the added security! Plus, the camera is super easy to setup and took us less than 10 minutes to install.

  3. Keep your family’s online location private: It’s becoming easier to tag, video record and highlight your family’s whereabouts and adventures on social media. We try to take an extra cautious approach and tag our location or share stories about a particular place AFTER we have left our destination. If for some reason our outing is sponsored, we make sure to talk with the brand beforehand and let them know that we share our whereabouts after we get home.

  4. Be careful what photos you post on social media: We’re always cognizant of what we post on social media. This goes beyond tagging or mentioning our location in real time and includes being extra cautious to not post photos of our home’s address number, identifying street signs or specifying what neighborhood we live in. Even when others direct message me about where we live and what to do in our area, I’m very vague and give them an overview of the general vicinity of our city. While many people seem perfectly normal, I still tend to err on the side of caution.

  5. Keep up with neighborhood news and happenings:  When our neighbors notified us of the attempted break-in, we were really grateful. We have created a phone thread of about 25 neighbors spanning four blocks and always text each other when there is a fun event in the neighborhood, or on the other hand, when there is concern or alarm. It’s nice having a community of neighbors that have each others’ back. Another way to stay in the know is to join the neighborhood apps that connect you with your surrounding neighbors. A lot of times, people will post about recent crimes and safety concerns on these channels.


This post was sponsored by Logitech. If you are in need of an indoor or outdoor security camera, then head to my latest Instagram post (here) for a chance to win your very own Logitech Circle 2.

Photography by Brittany Renee