Weekend Links: Cinco


I am really going to make it an effort to do these posts every single week. So if I miss a week, someone please remind me! I just think it’s such a great way to get to know you guys and fill you in on more of what I am up to.

Remember, in these Weekend Links posts there will always be a 'Question of the Week'.  If you respond to it in the comments below you will be in the running to win something from me that I will mail to you as a token of my appreciation for reading the blog.

*This post has affiliate links, meaning if you choose to buy something, I will make a small percentage of the sale so I can continue to write and support my family (at no extra cost to you). It would mean the world to me if you like an item you see, to purchase it directly through my link.

1// Did you guys see my Mother's day templates on stories? Head to the icon titled "Mama Templates" saved under my profile and screenshot the ones you want to use. It's been so fun reading how you fill them out. *There is also a chance to win a $50 Nordstrom gift card if you that stuff strikes your fancy. Head over to stories for details.

2 // This book is in my Amazon shopping cart. It’s titled, “The Awakened Family: How to Raise Empowered, Resilient, and Conscious children.” It looks really intriguing.

3 // Have you guys seen my stories lately on Amazon fashion finds? Oh my gosh, I cannot believe this harem romper is under 20 bucks! It’s available in so many colors and is perfect for pregnancy and postpartum.

4 // We are playing around with the idea of moving to the east coast for a bit. Maybe renting a house in Charleston, South Carolina on the beach. I don’t know if you ever get like this, but while I love Colorado, I am craving a change in pace right now. Who of you lives on the east coast? Perry really loves North Carolina too!

5 // We have planted so many flowers in our yard. I can’t wait until all I see outside our window is a sea of colors. Make sure to follow my Pinterest board called gardening. I update it often.

6 // The chair that we are sitting on is from Jonathan Louis. We are currently refreshing our living room and I cannot wait to show you how this chair looks in it!

7 // Our kitchen refresh has been put on hold because of some issues with product. We really hope to get started in the next few weeks, but will likely have to reduce some design plans.

8 // I am making a concerted effort to link all of my outfits on the liketoknow.it app (here) and in my Shop my Instagram tab on the blog. Make sure to follow along as I will be posting exclusive content on there that you wouldn’t otherwise see on Instagram.

9 // I ended up canceling my adult swim class last month because I just felt so awful. I signed up again and have my first training class this week! Eek!

10 // 'Question of the Week':  What bit of trivia do you know that is very interesting but also very useless? 

My answer: The other day I pulled out some crazy statistic when Perry wouldn’t cuddle with me about how otters hold hands when they sleep and how the people behind the voices of Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse were actually married and he about died.

Bonus: World Market is having a 30% friends and family sale. Below are some of my favorite picks.


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Photography by Brittany Renee