Weekend Links: Uno


Every Friday I will be compiling a list of things that I am loving from interesting mindfulness or parenting articles, fashion and home decor inspiration, songs or movies to watch, toys that Winter is currently enjoying and more.

I really enjoy connecting and learning more about you, so each week I will also choose someone who leaves a comment to the 'Question of the Week' and send them a small gift as a token of my appreciation!

So let's begin!

1. Mindfulness in 2018 is going to be huge. Did you know that there are now over 1,300 mindfulness apps? This article highlights Mindful's Top 10 Guided Practices of 2017. Let's all start meditating today. 

2. We have not had a coffee table in a really long time. We are really hoping to get one this year. We went to West Elm the other day and we are really torn between this coffee table or this one. Which one would you choose?

3. Winter got this scoot around bike a few months ago and it's been her top mode of transport since. Hurry! It's 30% off right now on Amazon. 

4. This song has been on repeat lately. I love Anderson East!

5. Sometimes when I am feeling stressed, I pin calming images. I started a whole board dedicated to them (here).  It's the little things that make you feel better, right?

6. We are planning a trip to the South East. We plan to hit South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virgina. I want to see some cherry blossoms like this

7. I am really trying to get organized this year. I have a bunch of old college t-shirts and just found this service that will turn your shirts into a quilt! How cool is that?

8. I am living in this oversized cardigan. I would suggest sizing down :)

9. I really want to start listening to some more podcasts, specifically on social media influence. I have heard that Gary Vaynerchuk's podcast is really good. Anyone else familiar with it?

10. Question of the Week: What is one small thing that you did for yourself this week? *Answer in the comments below and I will randomly pick someone to send something to.

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Thanks for joining me this week! Can't wait to do it again.

Photography by Brittany Renee