Live & LaRock Vol 1: Officially Quigley Recap

LIVE & LAROCK has officially launched and our first guest was Casey Goode, the content creator and founder of Officially Quigley.

Every month, I will be going live on my Instagram stories to interview and feature someone doing really incredible work. I will interview those who are selfless, resilient, giving and uplifting. People like Casey, who are just all around so infectious and amazing to be around.

On the first episode, Quigley and I talked a lot about her journey from music (she was on American Idol) to her role as a full time content creator. Quigs explained that she used Instagram as a way of therapy - dressing up, playing make believe and designing concepts for shoots was her escape, her way of being able to show up for herself, let lose and evoke emotion through art and writing (if you haven’t read her captions, go now...they are so deep, so raw and so well written).

She stated that she never intended on it becoming her full time gig, but now she not only runs Officially Quigley full time, she has created a social media class called SOULcial Media that is set to launch the end of this month. SOUlcial Media is a mindset class for content creators. She wants to teach creators how to share what they love with the rest of the world that is true to them. I can’t wait until it launches!

Casey and I spoke a lot about self-esteem and self-care. We both concluded that self-care isn’t about eating chocolate, or taking bubble baths. It involves real self-work, reflection and the willingness to peal back the layers and deal with the shit in your head and heart. I think at one point we both started to tear up because our ideals on this topic were so aligned. Being in her presence (even if it was through a screen), was magical. This women has the ability to reach out and make you feel loved, valued and want to shine just the way you are!

Quigley does this really beautiful series on instagram called #IGVSREALME where she posts non-edited photos of herself doing really mundane and normal things. She said that she never wants to create the perception that her styled shoots of glamour, travel and glitz is an obtainable and achievable lifestyle. She wants to remind her audience that she is a very normal human who works on self-love just like the rest of us.

It is so refreshing to see someone like Quigs make up her own rules on Instagram, shine through all the curation and show up for herself and her audience the way she does. She often will send her followers video or audio messages which is just the sweetest thing! I have received many of these now and they truly do make your day!

We also discussed books and resources that Quigley recommends to others who want to work on their mindset and cultivate a life full of self expression and acceptance.

She recommended these three books:

  1. There is Nothing Wrong with You- Cheri Huber

  2. A New Earth- Eckhart Tolle

  3. Mindset- Carol Dweck

Be sure to follow along with Quigley and help her spread the word of self-love by taking a non-edited photo of yourself using the hashtag #IGVSREALME.

And our next episode will be on April 6th featuring Angel from @angelroseturner where we will talk about miscarriage and all that it encompasses.

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