The Guide to a Minimal, Organized Diaper Bag in 6 Easy Steps


As a first time Mom, I used to pack everything in my diaper bag! I found myself being anxious about not having this or that, so I would pack it ALL!


My overpacking turned into the very thing that gave me anxiety because when I was out and about, I would have to sift through so much stuff to try to find the item I was looking for. I learned quickly that packing and bringing too much with me negatively affected my mindset.

So for my own well-being, I had to say bye to my Mary Poppins mentality and hello to a simpler version.

Surrounding Lennon’s birth, Perry and I made a conscious effort to minimize our belongings in our house, and get better about packing smarter, not more.

I found that when I pack with purpose, intention and a plan, my outings with Lennon and Winter run smoother and seamlessly. The more time I spend on the front end getting organized, the less time I spend in the long run when I am needing to access to our belongings.


Below are some tips on packing and maintaining a minimal,

organized diaper bag:


Step One: Get a diaper bag that is multifunctional and that will allow you to separate your belongings into nice organized compartments. I love the Lily Jade diaper bag line because of the 12 Pocket Organizer which is removable and machine washable!  This makes it so easy to organize and keep clean. Crumbs don’t stand a chance!

The one featured in these photos is the Shaylee in Black/Jade & Gold from Lily Jade. It is super well made with high quality materials that will last.

I love that it’s classy and timeless and goes with pretty much anything from my workout gear to my outings with girlfriends!

Also, because I am trying to minimize my life in general, I love that I am able to pull out the inner organizer pocket, set it aside and then use the bag as a personal work bag for when I am heading out without my kids. This bag fits my laptop perfectly. Plus, it converts to backpack or messenger carry in just seconds which makes it makes it easy to transition from diaper bag to purse.

Step Two: Think about gathering your belongings into two categories: What you will always need and then trip specific gear. Once you establish what you will need, no matter the trip, it becomes so much easier to make a mental checklist and you will grow accustomed to always having these items in your bag. When you’ve got the essentials down to a science, it’s easy to pop in a few extra items depending on the outing you are going on (example: a simple trip to Target or an all afternoon outing to the Zoo).

My essential list for my kids:

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 10.17.09 AM.png

My essential list for me:

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 10.17.20 AM.png

Step Three:

  1. Make one pile for each child, starting with their essentials. I like to keep Winter and Lennon’s piles separate because it helps me think through what each kid needs and cross compare the two piles (example: I have two diapers for Lennon, do I have extra underwear for Winter?).

  2. Then begin packing the extras (make sure to limit your extras to two or three items for each child. For example, if it’s cold, you may need a beanie for each kid and a pair of gloves. If it’s hot and you’ll be outside, perhaps its sunscreen). Try not to go overboard here.


Step Four: Think minimally. Ask yourself, “Do I really need 10 diapers, or will two extras diapers suffice?” Also, packing travel versions of items really helps save space and minimize weight.

Step Five: Fold like a boss. A tip to staying organized is to fold your items with intention and care. I love the Marie Kondo way of folding :)

Step Six: The most important step- Establish a spot for everything in your bag. Assign a pocket for your phone and wallet, diapers, bottle, spare clothes, etc. and always keep those items in the same place. This will not only help you find the items you’re looking for in the moment but set you up for keeping your diaper bag organized for the long run.



Do you have any other tips on packing and organizing your diaper bag?

Leave them in the comments below.

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This post was sponsored by Lily Jade. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.