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Before Baby Came: A Magical Record Store Adventure

My sweet grandmother was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer about a month ago. She has played such an integral role in my upbringing and I couldn’t stand not seeing her right away. So at 35 weeks and some change, Perry, Winter and I jumped on a plane to Oklahoma to see her.

We spent much of our days talking at the kitchen table, enjoying the garden outside and listening to my grandmother’s favorite records. Our time together was magic. I am so thankful I was able to get out there when I could.

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The Best Darn Pair of Overalls Ever

So remember when I said I shot a pair of overalls and then left sans overalls in the bathroom of a coffee shop? WELL, these are that pair. Thank god the owner and his girlfriend at Luna Rose General Stores in Denver are saints and saved them for me! I was freaking out. Like who leaves overalls at a coffee shop? Apparently, I do!

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Top Fall Fashion Trends

So if your an influencer, you'll want to know about this app called Popular Pays, which is a platform that connects brands with stories to tell and the content creators who'll help them say it (like me!). It's where I get the majority of paying collaborations. And if you're not an influencer, just disregard this first paragraph :)

Well, the other day, I had the opportunity to shoot with Marshalls. It was one of those "pinch me" moments. When they accepted my entry for the campaign, I about fell out of my seat. The either picked you to feature home decor or fashion for the gig and they decided that I was to focus on style. They sent me a long list of this year's top fashion trends + styling tips, and I thought that they were so good, that I wanted to share it with you all.

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The Best Bell Sleeve Shirts

I am loving the cooler weather and with fall right around the corner, I have been loving transitioning slowly out of my summer gear. My favorite go-to is wearing a bell sleeve top with a trusty ole pair of jeans.

Bell sleeves can be dressed up or down and work perfectly from running errands with your kids to going on a date night to your favorite restaurant. Below is a round up of some of my current favorites. And most of them are on sale!!!

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