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The Best Darn Pair of Overalls Ever

So remember when I said I shot a pair of overalls and then left sans overalls in the bathroom of a coffee shop? WELL, these are that pair. Thank god the owner and his girlfriend at Luna Rose General Stores in Denver are saints and saved them for me! I was freaking out. Like who leaves overalls at a coffee shop? Apparently, I do!

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Oh HeyMama Denver

Last week, I had the honor of partnering with heymama to plan and co-host a launch event in Denver. When I started talking to Katya Libin, the co-founder of heymama, I explained to her how lonely it had been for me to be the first woman out of my group of friends to have a baby. I conveyed to her how I used social media to connect to other like-minded mamas; adding, that it would be a dream of mine to be able to use my creativity, drive and empathy in a role that would allow me to connect and advocate for other women while working from home.

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