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34-Week Bump Update

I was 13 weeks along the last time we shot in this same location, bright-eyed, so full of hope and just really excited to be pregnant. I can't stop looking at those photos from that day and compare them to the ones that you see here in this blog post. My belly has grown quite a bit. I have grown quite a bit as a human being also and it's really neat to see where I came from and where I am now. 

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30-Week Bump Update

Tomorrow we take our five-hour birthing class at the birthing center where we learn all about the natural birth process. I know so many women have natural births and I am going to give it my all to do it, but man oh man, I am anxious about the whole thing. 

I tend to have a much higher tolerance for emotional pain than I do physical. To be honest, I am such a baby when it comes to being hurt or in pain. I complain if my back aches, am over dramatic about a hangnail and cry when I stub my toes. Haha, how am I going to give birth naturally?

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28-Week Bump Update: Hello, 3rd Trimester

Hello, 3rd trimester. I am having so much fun thinking about how close I am to meeting this little nugget. The other day on Instagram I ran a fun little contest to see if anyone could guess the name. I was blown away by how many of you entered and got it right. If you are in the need for some gender neutral names, seriously check out the post. So many amazing ideas. So the hints were: The baby's name is gender neutral and it has to do with imagination. The top ten guesses were as follows: Wonder, Art, Charlie, Story,  Jude, Lennon, Phoenix, Bowie and London. One of those names is in fact the baby's name but we aren't revealing which one just yet. :)

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24-Week Bump Update

Gosh, the days are flying by now that I am feeling better. I took advantage of this stretch of feel-good days by hiring us a nanny. Having one enables Perry and I the space to work uninterrupted by not having to juggle back and forth taking care of little Winter. 

Perry and I really wanted to spend a few days alone before baby comes so we decided to extend a wedding vacation that we have coming up so that we can enjoy some time together,  just the two of us. It really won't be long until it's the four of us. Eek!

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20-Week Bump Update

I cannot believe that we are halfway through this pregnancy journey with baby #2. Yesterday we had an anatomy scan. The doctor that performed the scan was about to retire, yet his joy for seeing the baby was like he had just started his job. Seriously, he was the jolliest old man. He kept saying that he had never seen a baby smile so much and commenting about how cute the baby was. It made me even more excited for this baby to come. Winter and Perry went to the appointment, and it was so lovely to hear Winter talk about what she saw on the screen and ask questions about her baby brother or sister. We feel so blessed to know that this baby is healthy.

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Why We Aren't Finding Out the Gender

Our 20-week appointment is coming up quickly.  I have had a few DMs asking if I'd share about our decision to keep baby number two's gender a surprise. People often think we are nuts for not finding out. It literally drives my family members nuts. Especially my poor Mom.

I wrote about our decision to keep Winter's gender a surprise in her birth story (here). The story explains that when we were pregnant with Winter Perry had asked me to honor the most romantic request of our marriage thus far, the wish to wait to find out the gender until birth. You see, he was really wanting to find a way to connect to the baby. He commented on how amazing it was that I got to bond with the baby from conception and he too wanted to feel a part of that magic. He stated that he thought it would be super romantic if he were the one who presented our son or daughter, and it was such a sweet and sincere request, how could I possibly say no?

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16-Week Bump Update

I am so excited that I am doing these bump updates. It will be fun to go through them one day with my son or daughter. I am so thankful to Brittany, the photographer for the blog, for capturing such beautiful imagery.

We shot this at a park in Denver that has this crazy castle-like structure. I climbed up on the wall and initially wanted to stand, but I was feeling a bit dizzy, so I sat and just enjoyed the views of the park. It was really relaxing.

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13-Week Bump Update

Hello, 2nd trimester and sayonara, all day nausea! I am finally starting to feel human again. I am so eager to document this pregnancy as it will likely be our last. I plan to do weekly or bi-weekly bump updates where you can find all the details on what's going on with me physically and emotionally, as well as give you some inside tips on my go-to fashion and product must-haves while growing this little bean. 

I am partnering with Comfortiva to show you a few shoes from their spring/summer line. First up, these are beautiful gladiator sandals which I will go into more detail below. So let's begin the Q & A, shall we?! Oh, and side note, this wall that says Dairy Block cracked us up because as we were shooting Perry was joking that this is going to be my nickname once my milk comes in (hehe!).

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