5 Ways to Prepare your Firstborn for a Sibling


Overall, Winter has taken this whole new brother thing with grace and understanding. However, it hasn’t been without some challenges. I wrote a bit about it in my One Week with Lennon update, but Winter experienced some really strong emotions the the first few days and is still showing some signs of regression. For example, she is wanting to wear her nighttime pull up during the day, asks me to rock her like a baby and at times, does the whole “baby talk” thing. All of these behaviors are to be expected and we are doing our best to meet her where she is at with love and understanding.


Below are five things that we are trying to make the transition easier on her and make her feel really special.

  1. Present from Little Brother: When we brought him from the birthing center, we made sure to have a present from Lennon to Winter. We told her that her brother was so excited to meet her and got her a little something to open. We got her a wooden train set and this Farmer’s Market play set from Antsy Pants. She hugged Lennon and definitely seemed very appreciative.

  2. Time with Mom and Dad: Every day, we try to take at least 30 minutes each to sit down with Winter and play while the other one takes care of Lennon. We read books, we play with her stuffed animals and really anything that gets us on the floor with Winter and engaged. I can tell a huge difference on the days when we don’t get this one-on-one time with Winter. And while it is so good for Winter, it’s also good for our souls too. I find myself craving time with her and I really can’t express enough how much I love being her mommy.

  3. A Nursing Basket: This was an idea from a friend that I thought was genius! We put together a little basket of special toys for Winter to use when I am occupied and nursing Lennon. This basket only comes out when I am nursing and provides Winter with some fun activities to do to keep her busy. It contains simple things such as stickers, art activities, special books and little figurines that she loves.

  4. A Baby for Winter: It’s developmentally normal for little ones to begin to mock what they see their parents do with a new baby. Winter is literally zipping her baby doll into her jacket and carrying it everywhere we go, nursing the baby, feeding the baby a bottle and rocking it to sleep. It melts my heart. I want to continue to encourage this, so I got her a baby doll carrier so she can “wear” her dolls just like I do Lennon. I cannot wait for her to get it in the mail.

  5. A Special Big Sibling Job: Winter thrives off being helpful and always wants to help with little brother. While this is so endearing and sweet the majority of the time, it can be a little bit smothering on occasion. We decided to designate a big sister job that only she does for Lennon. At bath time she is in charge of washing his feet, getting his towel and for helping me dry him off and puttin lotion on him when he gets out. I have to get it on video, she is just so sweet during bath time.


I hope these tips are helpful. Let me know if you have any other ideas!!

Oh, and if you need a present for your little one for a birthday, to welcome a new baby or for the holidays I highly recommend one of these play tents from Antsy Pants. There are so many styles, from an ice cream truck, school bus, pirate ship and more. Winter loves putting it together and “selling” her vegetables. She also loves to sort the colored rods that are used to create the tent and make up her own inventions using the rods and connectors. We play with it all the time!

This post was sponsored by Ansty Pants. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Photography by Kyla Fear