Down By The River: Maternity Shoot

I am a wee bit behind on blogging this month. With the ensuing launch of a new project, The Mindful Mamas Club, the half-written blog posts are beginning to stack up.

So sorry that it's been kind of quiet around here. I have some wonderful content coming to you soon, like an update on marriage counseling, tips on finding the perfect doula, more about my birth plan, why I jumped on the essential oils train and more. 

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of running around Denver with the new photographer for the blog, Kyla Fear. I got my hair and makeup done by Ashley from Smash Beauty and had a beautiful floral crown made by Sarah at LadyBird Poppy (click here to see the original styled shoot).

Because we had some extra time, I changed into this yellow dress and we took a few more shots at Confluence Park. I felt like Belle from Beauty and the Beast :)


One fun fact, the rocks that are across the river from me are where Perry and I stopped for a picnic during a bike ride on one of our very first dates. It's also where the first picture of us was ever snapped. I will share it if I can dig that out of the archives!

I am already starting to get sad thinking that I won't have these bump photos to post soon. But with the twinge of sadness also comes so much excitement as we inch closer to meeting this sweet baby.


Photography by Kyla Fear