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Why We Aren't Finding Out the Gender

Our 20-week appointment is coming up quickly.  I have had a few DMs asking if I'd share about our decision to keep baby number two's gender a surprise. People often think we are nuts for not finding out. It literally drives my family members nuts. Especially my poor Mom.

I wrote about our decision to keep Winter's gender a surprise in her birth story (here). The story explains that when we were pregnant with Winter Perry had asked me to honor the most romantic request of our marriage thus far, the wish to wait to find out the gender until birth. You see, he was really wanting to find a way to connect to the baby. He commented on how amazing it was that I got to bond with the baby from conception and he too wanted to feel a part of that magic. He stated that he thought it would be super romantic if he were the one who presented our son or daughter, and it was such a sweet and sincere request, how could I possibly say no?

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