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A Greenhouse Adventure

I am trying to find the balance between paying attention to my thoughts and the source of these thoughts. I have been consistently practicing mindfulness, taking time to pause, breathe and truly slow down.

But out of nowhere, I have been feeling a lot of pressure located around my heart and feeling faint of breath, almost as if I am drowning. It's puzzling to me that I can't quite pinpoint the root of it all. I know it will pass but for now, I am getting by simply by visualization my happy place which happens to be in greenhouse, surrounded by beautiful plants with Winter.

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{Photo}Synthesis Vol. 2. : What Bohemian Plant Dreams Are Made Of

Hi! My name is Kara, which I am sure you have gathered by now.  Not really the kind of girl you can sum up in a “Hey, nice to meet ya,” conversation. Just like my home, I am layered.  I live slightly outside Boston in a 1700s Victorian mansion. I live in one of the eight apartments that it is now made up of. The character is amazing and one of the main reasons I still reside here.  My apartment is only 800 sq. Ft, so I am definition Small Space Squad. My style is a mixture of mid mod/bohemian. It’s super eclectic and layered throughout.  I am packing it in because “less is more” doesn’t ring true to me. I have a “more is more” attitude with an addiction to thrifting. I believe green heals and have an enormous collection of plants throughout the apartment. They are my babies. I love the color they bring to a space. I love the unique shapes and textures and the way they stand tall when the light beams in. My apartment is a jungle.  Sometimes, I think I've overdone it. Then I remember that basic is boring and that my mid-mod/eclectic/plant loving space is wild and quirky and 100% me.

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