A Greenhouse Adventure

I am trying to find the balance between paying attention to my thoughts and the source of these thoughts. I have been consistently practicing mindfulness, taking time to pause, breathe and truly slow down.

But out of nowhere, I have been feeling a lot of pressure located around my heart and feeling faint of breath, almost as if I am drowning. It's puzzling to me that I can't quite pinpoint the root of it all. I know it will pass but for now, I am getting by simply by visualization my happy place which happens to be in greenhouse, surrounded by beautiful plants with Winter.

The weather in Colorado has been unbelievably warm. We've been spending so much time outside in our backyard and daydreaming of the months to come when there is grass, a garden and flowers to view and enjoy.

I am often looking for quick trips to take Winter on my Fridays off from work. We both seem to do better when we get out and about. We have a greenhouse that is only 3 miles from us which is a blessing and also a curse since every time we go, somehow we end up with shopping cart of plants and an empty wallet :).

Perry and I have been in our new house for about seven months now. We have yet to buy a coffee table, a love seat for our living room or any furniture for our basement. We are okay with it taking us a while to settle in and we don't want to rush or spend money unless it's on quality pieces we know we will keep for a very long time. While this rule applies to things, when it comes to plants, all rules go out the window.

I wrote about this in my first {Photo}Synthesis post (here) but oh well, here it is again. This Boston fern in the picture above. is one of our favorite plants. Instead of doing a unity candle at our wedding, we had our parents bring us soil from our hometowns (mine being Arizona and his Minnesota) which we poured and mixed together with Colorado soil in the fern pot during our ceremony. We called it our "love" fern, which unfortunately died while we were on our honeymoon (luckily our actual love has outlasted our love fern, ha!). Despite our track record, it is a relatively easy plant to care for; to avoid what happened to ours you can read tips on how to nurture this plant here.

Soooo...we ended up coming home with this fern to make up for lost time because a). It was on sale to get ready and make room for the spring inventory and b). Our "love fern" would have likely been this big if I hadn't killed it a mere six weeks after we were married.

So I am curious. Where is your happy place?

Winter's handmade romper c/o James Vincent Design Co.

I was kindly gifted this second hand dress from Thred Up which is an online thrift store. If you haven't heard of them, I highly recommend checking them out. We are always trying to be environmentally conscious about we purchase or bring into our home and it definitely feels good to shop second hand.

Use the code ROCK40. It's for 40% first-time orders, discount up to $50, and it expires on 5/1/17. 

Photography by Brittany Renee'