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Home: Featuring One of My Favorite Pieces in it

I remember when Perry and I bought our first home, we used our bed as the couch, ate pizza on the floor and stayed up until the wee hours beaming with glee as we talked about our future. When we moved, we essentially purged or donated our every piece of furniture that we had (which was an eclectic mix of goodwill finds and Ikea) so that we could start over and buy pieces that we know would stay in our household for many years to come. 

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Bohemian Zen Family Room

We have lived in our house for a year now and I am excited to say that it is almost completely furnished and decorated. When we moved in, our family room (which is a converted garage) needed some TLC to truly make it ours. Perry built these shelves, and I must say, it feels like it grounds the room and frames our credenza quite well. We still have some minor tweaks and stuff that we want to add to this room, but for now it functions as the perfect space for my daughter to play in and for us adults to enjoy. We hope you like our take on a bohemian zen family room. 

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Top 5 Interior Designers to Follow on Instagram

I am really hoping to kick it up a notch on sharing more of my home designs with you. I have always loved patterns and textiles, but it wasn't until we bought our first home in 2014 that my love for learning about interior design and shooting ignited.

Instagram has led me to some wonderful designers out there that inspire me and push my creativity. Here are the 5 top interior designers to follow on Instagram. I know you will have a blast following along with them too:

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A Greenhouse Adventure

I am trying to find the balance between paying attention to my thoughts and the source of these thoughts. I have been consistently practicing mindfulness, taking time to pause, breathe and truly slow down.

But out of nowhere, I have been feeling a lot of pressure located around my heart and feeling faint of breath, almost as if I am drowning. It's puzzling to me that I can't quite pinpoint the root of it all. I know it will pass but for now, I am getting by simply by visualization my happy place which happens to be in greenhouse, surrounded by beautiful plants with Winter.

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{Photo}Synthesis Vol 3: A Take On Being Eclectic With A Boho Artistic Flair

As far as my design style, it's definitely eclectic with a boho artistic flair.  I would say that I'm not a minimalist and not a maximalist either.  I'm more of a "rotationalist" (I just made that up).  I have a lot of collected things, but I don't like to have them all on display at once.  As far as plants go, just a short time ago I had only one or two plants in our house.  All that changed last year after a visit to the Palmenhaus restaurant in Vienna, Austria, a former prominent greenhouse for botanical exhibits.  (It's okay to Google it now. I'll wait).

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{Photo}Synthesis Vol. 2. : What Bohemian Plant Dreams Are Made Of

Hi! My name is Kara, which I am sure you have gathered by now.  Not really the kind of girl you can sum up in a “Hey, nice to meet ya,” conversation. Just like my home, I am layered.  I live slightly outside Boston in a 1700s Victorian mansion. I live in one of the eight apartments that it is now made up of. The character is amazing and one of the main reasons I still reside here.  My apartment is only 800 sq. Ft, so I am definition Small Space Squad. My style is a mixture of mid mod/bohemian. It’s super eclectic and layered throughout.  I am packing it in because “less is more” doesn’t ring true to me. I have a “more is more” attitude with an addiction to thrifting. I believe green heals and have an enormous collection of plants throughout the apartment. They are my babies. I love the color they bring to a space. I love the unique shapes and textures and the way they stand tall when the light beams in. My apartment is a jungle.  Sometimes, I think I've overdone it. Then I remember that basic is boring and that my mid-mod/eclectic/plant loving space is wild and quirky and 100% me.

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