{Photo}Synthesis Vol. 2. : What Bohemian Plant Dreams Are Made Of

Welcome to the second {Photo}Synthesis feature to date (you can see the first post here). When I envisioned this series, I was hoping to post more frequently and write tips on gardening, floral design and feature other people who are doing really cool things with plants. But as life has it, this series fell to the wayside the busier I became.

But because I am working on "putting the life vest back on" as I wrote about in my previous post, I am not going to get all down and the dumps and disappointed about my short comings. Instead, I am moving forward with this series and today, I bring you my new friend Kara Evans! She is not only amazing at styling with plants but she is super funny too. Take a look at her tips below.

Hi! My name is Kara, which I am sure you have gathered by now.  Not really the kind of girl you can sum up in a “Hey, nice to meet ya,” conversation. Just like my home, I am layered.  I live slightly outside Boston in a 1700s Victorian mansion. I live in one of the eight apartments that it is now made up of. The character is amazing and one of the main reasons I still reside here.  My apartment is only 800 sq. Ft, so I am definition Small Space Squad. My style is a mixture of mid mod/bohemian. It’s super eclectic and layered throughout.  I am packing it in because “less is more” doesn’t ring true to me. I have a “more is more” attitude with an addiction to thrifting. I believe green heals and have an enormous collection of plants throughout the apartment. They are my babies. I love the color they bring to a space. I love the unique shapes and textures and the way they stand tall when the light beams in. My apartment is a jungle.  Sometimes, I think I've overdone it. Then I remember that basic is boring and that my mid-mod/eclectic/plant loving space is wild and quirky and 100% me.

I am always so confused when people tell me they can’t keep their plants alive. I have about 25+ in the tribe and they’re all still vibrant and kicking! The key is not to try too hard! Do you live above ground and get sunlight? Do you have access to running water? And lastly, do you have a finger to check soil moisture with. If you answered YES to all three, then you can indeed succeed. Try naming them. This may help your nurturing soul come alive. Don’t over love it. Don’t under love it. Find the balance, okay? YOU GOT THIS!  

SUNLIGHT is key.  I am fortunate enough to live in a space where I have windows as walls.  The light floods in.  My plants are so happy but this is for sure an advantage I have.  Make sure you find space near sunlight for your plant babies.  If space is tight you could always hang a few by the window instead.  Honestly, I love levitating my plants.  

DON'T OVER WATER!  So many people do this.  I water my plants about once a week but sometimes a week and half goes by before they need water again.  Use your finger and check the soil moisture by sticking your finger into the soil about two inches.  If it feels cold and moist it probably doesn’t need to be watered.  Wait for your plants to be thirsty.  Give them space.  I promise they’ll be okay.  

If you’re looking to get started with a few houseplants but are still worried, don't be. There are plenty of super easy, low maintenance plants out there that I think look great!  The snake plant is so easy!  It survives everything!  I have about 4 of these plants in my apartment.  If you are looking for another really low maintenance plant, then go ahead and try a cactus.  I love them the most!  They are so unique and so spectacular.  They withstand almost anything.  I water mine once a month!  Other than that, they’re straight chillen most of the time.  You cannot fail on this one.

My tips for styling plants?  Put one everywhere!  No, but seriously.  Start by sneaking a few babies in here and there.  Then maybe venture onto something larger and make a statement with it!  You can’t go wrong with green.  If there’s a little nook or a little corner you’re trying to fill….well, put a plant there.  I like a little green everywhere, but you don’t have to be that green.  A few plants throughout and you’ll really feel your space come alive.  A few more plants and you’ll really start to reap the health benefits.  It’s a win win!

What's your favorite house plant?

Photography by Kara Evans