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5 Ways to Practice Self-Care in the Morning

This summer, I made a conscious decision to better nurture myself in the morning. I was so used to waking up and diving headfirst into the hustle and bustle that by the time 9 AM rolled around, I was already feeling depleted. I partnered with MegaFood® to bring you 5 quick and effective ways to make sure you are making time for self-care in the morning.

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A Mindful Literacy Approach for the Whole Family

Today, I am sharing ways to incorporate mindfulness into our reading practice. I’m excited to be featuring Dr. Seuss’ book Oh, The Places You'll Go! as it’s about exploring and dreaming with our purest intentions and goals—a journey into mindfulness.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! was given to both Winter and Lennon as baby shower gifts. My hope is to bring the book along on our journey with the children, as they grow, learn and evolve. I was given the sweetest advice by another mama, to have each of my children’s teachers sign the book at the end of each school year, and to continue this tradition all the way to their high school graduation, where Perry and I give it to them as a graduation gift. This allows them to see the places they have been, each person who has had an impact in their lives along the way and to bring a renewed excitement for the places they will go.

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How I am Currently Staying Present with Winter

I met a beautiful stranger at Panera Bread the other night. He was a regional manager who was training a young teenager on the cash register, and I happened to be the young boy's first customer. The manager was so sweet and ended up giving me a gift card for my next visit. We somehow ended up talking for 15 minutes about family and careers. He had adopted his brother's son at three months old (now five years old). He explained that when he got his son, he quit his six-figure job to focus on his new role. He conveyed that he hadn't known how honestly stressed he was and how his career was killing him slowly until he quit. I could relate in so many ways, and I was so thankful to be in his presence. He was a true example of selflessness and love. 

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5 Ways to do Mindfulness on the Weekends

Weekends may as well be the best invention in the whole wide world. It's a way to slow down, enjoy ignoring the to-do list and spend quality time with family. I have been doing a ton of reading on how I can bring mindful living into my everyday life as a working mother. I have noticed that mindfulness has helped me to stay centered, calm and grateful for the here and now. I am less reactive and a whole lot more patient. I feel less overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood and I notice myself having thoughts of gratitude. 

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I Asked My Husband To Do 7 Days of Mindfulness...

The other day I had the privilege of creating and delivering a professional development presentation to my entire school staff on mindfulness and how trauma effects the brain. I was blown away with how well it was received and I am hopeful that my staff will not only begin to use it themselves, but use it with their students as well.

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Top 4 Mindfulness Apps

After completing a 10 week course in mindfulness last fall, I have been trying out different apps to make sure I keep up with my practice. Mindfulness is just like working out: If you don't use it, you lose it so to speak. It's important to make a concerted effort to practice on a daily basis to reap the benefits. It doesn't have to be a huge chunk of time. I typically aim for at least 10 minutes a day and can tell a difference when I don't get it in. 

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10 Ways To Squash The Worry Bug

I have always been quite the worrywart. It’s probably my least favorite personality trait of mine. I have always heard that worrying can become even more in the forefront of your life once you have kids and that has undoubtedly been proved to be my experience thus far. I have been working very hard to squash the worry bug because I while I think some fear serves purpose, letting it dictate your daily thoughts is not a way that I want to live.

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Mindful Eating For Beginners

I’ve been thinking a lot about how and what I eat. I think we all have moments in our lives when our relationship with food becomes somewhat detached and we forget to stop and really think about where our food is coming from and what it tastes like. Do you remember your last meal? What did it smell like, taste like, look like? As I am typing this, I realized that I just inhaled a cold bagel with cream cheese while simultaneously petting my dog with my foot and pausing to check the ding on my phone. Ugh, that was definitely not a satisfying experience. It makes me think of the many times I have been at work and I have just shoved food in my mouth while walking from one meeting to the next or while typing up reports and answering emails. I think in a culture that views multitasking as efficient and busy as good, we are perpetually living in a state of doing and chaos, which leaves us feeling run down, exhausted and always feeling like we should be accomplishing more.

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One Minute Mindfulness Strategies For The Busy Parent

I get asked about my mindfulness practice on a daily basis. I think one of the biggest misconceptions about living a mindful life is that you have to set aside 30 minutes a day or longer to do it. This is simply not true. In fact, I practice being mindful several times throughout the day. I have noticed that by doing even these simple techniques, I am less reactive, more attentive, feel more grounded and am able to manage stress with more ease.

The following is a list of my favorite ways to take one minute to be mindful. Note: You don’t have to do them all in a day to reap the benefits. Just pick one or two from each category and mix them up.

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