Hand Print Planter For Father's Day


Father’s Day is right around the corner and I wanted to do something homemade and super special for Perry. For Mother’s Day, he surprised me with this amazing plant stand out of his grandfather’s old barn wood (view the stand, here). So to keep with the theme, I knew I wanted to do something plant-related.

While Perry was out of town last weekend, Winter and I went to Home Depot and snagged a few plants and pots that would work perfectly for the stand. To personalize it, I dipped Winter’s hand into some acrylic paint and stamped her hand onto the pot. It definitely isn’t the perfect hand-print but I actually love how it turned out. Winter is a kid that hateessss to get messy. So trying to get her to stop squirming while I pressed the print was just not happening. The whole project took less than 10 minutes and I know that Perry is going to be pleased with outcome too.

Because of my postpartum depression and Winter’s breath-holding spells, Perry has had a rough year trying to take care of both me and Winter. He is honestly one of the most selfless men I have come to know. He is constantly cooking, grocery shopping, and doing house projects, which leaves him little to no room for exercising, hanging out with guys or just lounging.

I am getting super sentimental as I write this. You see, I am very stubborn when it comes to taking the high road and apologizing for my behavior. I have been stressed out lately with ending the school year and I haven’t been the best at showing Perry how appreciated he is. I have also been thinking a lot about my relationships with my parents and what I hope it’s like for Winter. And I can’t explain to you what it means to know that he will never, ever stop being her biggest fan.


So while the plant gift is from Winter to Perry, my gift is this letter:

Dear Perry,

When I close my eyes and think about who you are as a father, I can hear your laugh. Your laughter is constantly at the forefront of your interactions with Winter. She is growing up to find humor in the ordinary routines of life and has to come to know a constant sensation of love and light in her heart. I think about the way you remind her that we are kind to all living things; and that even ants and weeds in the yard deserve the upmost respect and gratitude. My two favorite things are to watch you read to her in your funny voices over the baby monitor at night and to watch you two put seeds in the ground as you plant the garden together.

Winter will never have to guess how a man should treat a woman because you constantly model doing acts of service for me, whether it be cleaning out my car, surprising me with a Starbucks iced green tea, or packing my lunch for work the night before.

I don’t know how either of us got so lucky. I knew you would be a good father, but I never in my wildest dreams could imagine that you would be so great. Thank you Perry for being everything and more for both of us.

I love you. Winter loves you. Happy Father’s Day.


Your Wife

What are some handmade presents you and your little ones have made for Father's Day?

Winter's Dress c/o Lucy & Leo
Bumble Bee Booster Seat c/o Skip Hop
My shirt c/o Ashley LeMieux

Photography by Brittany Renee'