A Fashion Service Must Have For a Mama's Night

Perry teases me because I tend to be at tad bit indecisive. One minute I talk about cashing in on our house and moving to Argentina and the next I am discussing my plans to pop the top in our current home and stay here forever. While I think my indecisiveness drives my husband crazy, I know that it can be good when it comes to consumerism, especially when it comes to buying big ticket items. Being indecisive makes you push the pause button and really think about your choices. So actually, Perry should be thanking me because I am virtually saving us money any time I can’t decide on what to buy, haha.

Now how cool would it be if there was a company where indecision was a good thing? Well, now there is with this really amazing company called, Switch. Switch is a designer jewelry rental subscription service that gives members access to brands like Chanel, Hermes, David Yurman, and more. I just love being able to choose jewelry that I want to wear, wear it for however long I want to and then send it back when I want to order something new.

Here’s how it works:

You can subscribe to a plan that allows you to chose 1 piece, 2 pieces, or 3 pieces of jewelry at a time. Once you chose your plan, you can browse their catalog and add the piece or pieces of your choosing to your cart. Their products will be sent to your doorstep and when you're ready to send it back, you just slap on the prepaid shipping label and get your new pieces in just a few days.

The best part is there is NO time limit on how long you keep the jewelry. Also, shipping is free and you can exchange the jewelry as OFTEN as you’d like!


I really felt like a queen wearing this necklace from Ippoliat, this ear cuff from Jacquie Aiche, and this bracelet from Chloe. The total value of my rental this month was $1520 which is like 22X the cost of the subscription (I got the Black subscription which is 3 pieces at a time for $69/month). The designers are those that I watch on the red carpet and never in a million years did I think I could actually rock their products. We could never afford this type of jewelry. It’s so cool being able to wear designer stuff without having to break the bank.

The subscription packages are really reasonable and they have a wide variety of necklaces, ear cuffs, earrings, and bracelets to choose from. Now with this service, I will never have to buy another piece of jewelry again! It’s a blast being able to try out different designers and pieces without the commitment.

So Perry, when are you taking me on a date night? I want to show off these pieces of jewelry :)

My dress c/o Target / Winter's romper c/o This Tribe of Three

This post was sponsored by Switch. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Photography by Brittany Renee'